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6 Smart Ways To Download Content In 2020

Author: Deborah Belford
by Deborah Belford
Posted: Feb 18, 2020
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This is the year 2020! Life has gotten a lot more interesting and smarter. People generate contents so that the world can see them; sadly, a big part of the world does not get to see them, because they are either inaccessible, or they are not on the right platforms where enough traffic can view them. But for you, you mustn't miss out on those interesting content. So, here are six smart ways to download content in the year 2020.

1. Get the best torrenting sites

There are amazing torrenting sites out there, that you can bookmark. Something interesting with these sites is that they are always advertising new, cool content, making you stay up to date. You do not just get up to date contents, you are also able to get quality ones, especially, if you are accessing geo-restricted premium content sites with amazing VPN services. Whether you want songs, movies, games, software, audiobooks, and all of that, the best torrenting sites will have them waiting for your download. Places such as The Pirate Bay, 1337z, Torretz2, and so on are best torrenting sites where you are assured of premium content.

2. Apps not available on Play Store

While most of the applications on Play Store and Apple Store are available for downloads to get almost anything, the apps on other application stores are ones that usually allow users to download anything possible on the net. The Google store disallows apps that they perceive to be malicious, deceptive, or do not have a good business model. So, possibly, some types of apps are not allowed on App stores. Apps can be downloaded on other app stores that are not mobile-based. However, be careful about the kinds of apps and contents you download from third-party stores.

3. Downloading from the web without download buttons

If you want to download articles on pages such as Wiki pages, look for the Download as PDF option on the left side and you can get download what you want. Apps like Kiwix, and so on allows you to search and read the encyclopedia, and to download TED talks, Stack exchange sites, and other Wiki pages.

4. Instagram Media

DownloadGram and FastSave, among others, are apps that you can use to download photos and videos on the mobile Instagram app. All you need to do is to click on the menu icon on the upper right corner of a post, and then click the "Share/copy Link". Once done, with either of those apps running in the background, the copied link would automatically download the contents.

5. Audio Capture

Have you ever wished you were able to download live-streaming audios? Well, now, you can, with Chrome Audio capture. You can get the app on Chrome's web store. It allows you to download a currently-playing media on your browser's tab and save it in a preferred format to your computer.

6. PDF Books

From news articles to journals to storybooks, and to textbooks, if it ever exists in a PDF format, then there is a smart way to get it.

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