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How Do Banks in Portland Oregon Attract Clients?

Author: Sarah Addyson
by Sarah Addyson
Posted: Feb 21, 2020

Banks have been around for centuries, helping people keep their money safe and even giving out loans to them when they need a little bit of extra help. Although the services banks Oregon provide have evolved over the years due to the development of society and the expansion of industry, the principals have remained pretty much the same. But with the emergence of more and more financial institution banks in Portland Oregon needed ways of keeping ahead of the curve. So how do banks manage to attract and keep new customers?

What Services Banks in Portland Oregon Offer for Their Clients?

Banks come in all shapes and sizes. From your run of the mill commercial banks to banks specially dedicated to helping businesses grow and expand, there is a bank or at least a banking service, for everybody out there. But banks have to keep up with both the demand of their clients as well as with other competitors. This is why they’ve come to develop custom made products and services depending on their clients’ needs.

For instance, some banks in Portland Oregon have come to be known as the best for businesses. These services include special rates on loans meant to help small businesses get off the ground and expand. They do this by creating special offers designed to aid small business owners get easy access to money. Checking accounts in particular are highly sought after because they can be opened very easily and accessed in any of the locations the banks has branches in.

Another great advantage of such a service is that fees are low and can even be waived if the person operating the account has a minimum monthly deposit. Of course, there are some downsides to such a service. Because it has such low fees, the number of free transactions a person can make per month can be limited. But even so, these services are in great demand and can really help make a small business grow in time into a household name.

How Do Banks Oregon Find New Customers?

Banks Oregon ( make money by investing in different things, using the money people deposit with them. They also increase their assets by charging interest rates for the loans they give out. But in order to have money to invest, they firstly have to have clients that want to work with them. So how do banks find clients?

Any company, including banks, has certain marketing strategies they use in order to make themselves more appealing to potential customers. They create ads and offer special rates for certain people, depending on what type of client they want to attract. You can recall that in some movies featuring banks, clients opening checking accounts would get free household electronics tike toasters or microwaves. This is one of the things small banks would do in order to drum up business.

Nowadays, toasters might not really get them the business they need, so banks Oregon have to be creative. They have to rely on getting people to come to the through the services they offer. This is why some banks create special products for certain categories.

Some banks rely on their accessibility, opening more and more branch offices in order to become more visible and easier to access. Others offer special savings accounts, with compound interest in order to appeal to a larger crowd. Others even went so far as to attract a certain demographic. Some banks have focused their attention on college students. This means that most of their offices are around college communities, such as campuses and universities, and their services are designed to help students. Such services can include, but are not limited to, paying back a certain amount for ATM transactions made with other ATM networks than the banks’. This comes in handy when you’re a student living on a budget, and it also grants you a certain degree of flexibility, not having to search for a certain ATM.

Banks have shaped communities and helped develop society. Although someone once said that banking is indispensable but banks are not, these institutions have become part of our daily life, and some even part of our culture. They have become more flexible and most of them want to help you in any way they can. Working with banks doesn’t have to be difficult as long as you do your research and find the one that really "speaks" to you.

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