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Fluid Scrubber: The best equipment to treat H2S containing fluid

Author: Ricky Mario
by Ricky Mario
Posted: Aug 06, 2014

Due to evolving industrial revolution, the world is experiencing a wide range of problems. One of them is, pollution created by harmful chemicals and toxic gases; which is never a good sign. We have gone far from what our ancestors ever dreamt of. The last century was prime example of that expressed sentiment. Not only that, we also have reached the heights of pollution. But the industries must be kept running, sure we can’t afford going back to the Dark Age, though this path of rapid growth and development may lead human race to extinction. Many of those toxic chemicals can be cleaned, before they are emitted to environment, by scientifically tested and proven methods.

In most of the Oil and Gas extraction and production plants, byproducts are naturally occurring gases like H2S, SO2, and CO etc. Hydrogen Sulphide or better known as H2S is a colourless, flammable and highly toxic gas having pungent smell. H2S containing fluids are highly dangerous for both the workers who are working at the site and the environment. Hence, it is extremely important to treat the H2S containing fluid before disposing or transporting. Fluid Scrubber or also known as Gas Scrubbers are the best equipment available which are highly effective when it comes to treating H2S containing fluids.

Tank Venting Treatment equipment is also widely used in Oil and Gas industries to treat vapours containing lethal gases such as Benzene, H2S, Toluene and a few more others. In addition to this, most of the gases are not only harmful in nature, but they react in air to make even more harmful compounds. SO2 is one of such gases. Special care should be given in SO2 Treatment. With different scrubber available as per need of different gases, the risk of harmful gases is almost nullified.Some converters are used as universal, but they are not efficient in comparison with available scrubbers. Scrubber can produce the best results, if done with the proper consultation by industrial experts. With the option of safe removal of those gases and proper maintenance of gas tank, you can surely have effective running of the plant with a greater green initiative.

If you are into oil and gas industry and looking for high quality H2S and Emission Control equipment and services, then it is highly recommended to surf the internet and find the best company such as Purple Engineering to address your needs.

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