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Beautifying a Table Centerpiece

Author: Steve Thomas
by Steve Thomas
Posted: Aug 06, 2014

Centerpieces add seasonal flair and color, while decorating up a table for a small gathering or party with friends. Add extra interest to your table centerpiece by adding pheasant feathers. Buy pheasant feathers from a reputed online store to get the best quality product. These attractive quills have fall colors and they do particularly well when mixed with other organic substances such as bark, rattan, wood, pine cones, dried grasses and flowers and natural sort of ribbons.

Given below are some ideas of beautifying feathers for centerpieces:

Select a quadrilateral rattan platter that is thin and low and can sit flat on our table top.

Position three cranberry pillar candles of varying heights in the center of the tray. These can be fixed to the support of the rattan if you mean to move the arrangement often. Use floral wire round the base of each candle or through the bottom plate (on some candles). Turn and cut the wire with scissors.

Wire small (around half-inch tall) arrangement blocks (green) on either side of the candles. The chunks should be at least a half inch inside the thickness of the rattan platter.

Place bark or seasonal leaves along the bottom of the platter. Paste or glue the leaves in place. These will form a base for the preparation, but try to consent some of the canes to show through for texture.

Position pheasant feathers to extend beyond the leaves on each end of the arrangement. Usually use an odd number of quills, such as three or five, for the best look.

Hot glue filler flowers and dried wheat to extend half the distance of the feathers. The pitches can be pasted to the quills and the leaves. The stemofthe flowers are often too thin and weak to pullout them into the arrangement foam.

Wire pine cones and larger flowers with floral wire and press the wires into the arrangement blocks on either end of the candles or wax lights. Add place small pine cones and flowers beside the sides of the candles. These can be stuck to the cane or glued to the leaves.

Cut and insert curly willow. Press small stems into the preparation blocks. These should not outspreador cross over the candles.

Make a raffia bow and wire it to the preparation. Interlace the split ends of the ribbon through the flowers in a natural way.

Paste flower heads and fillers with superglue into any gaps so that the fixes are completely hidden.

You can get a huge range of exclusive quills for decorating the table centerpiece. Browse online and select a reputed craft feather supplier to get the exotic collection of quills for any type pf decor or craft purpose. Other than the pheasant quills, you can even try decorating with ostrich or peacock feathers!

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