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What is the difference between a UX and UI designer and a web designer?

Author: Yorvi Tech
by Yorvi Tech
Posted: Feb 24, 2020

The moment things came into existence from that first moment, life structure began, which led to the start of ‘What’, ‘Why’, ‘When’, ‘How’ and many more questions but with the growth, we get answers and develop new questions and search them. Apart from journalism where everything begins with a question and ends with a question, there is one more field dubbed as engineering, the invention of something was first developed as a question.

To answer these questions, relativity, mass, speed, time and many more things are developed. In the same way, there’s a question that people who are not from the IT field face in current time is what’s the difference between UX, UI and web designer and when you are about to enter the development industry then one must know.

This article will help people who are looking for a web design agency to get their existing website done or have a new one. Because designing is all about enhancing the look of the website for better understanding, it bridges the communication gap between product and user. A layer of comforting design is developed on the website, application or web application by a web design company.

UI Designer

UI stands for ‘User Interface’ and a designer of it looks after the development of websites by adding the visual layer between the user and a product. During the development the designer holds the fundamental knowledge of positions on how to communicate with users in an easy and comforting way, keeping the aesthetic sense.

There’s always confusion between UX and UI but always remember UI is a complement to UX designs and it’s an interaction between the product and use like - touchscreen on the smartphone or the touchpad you have when you are selecting the web design services online. UI will incorporate interactive, visual elements a user may encounter like - icons and buttons, typography, color schemes, spacing, and responsive design.

Moreover, the design will guide the user via the products and not make them think too much. UI is all about strengthening the brand and visual assets making them consistent, coherent and pleasing.

UX Designer

Now comes UX, it stands for User Experience and the expert handling it is dubbed as UX designer. The agenda of UX design is to encompass interactions between potential or active customers or companies due to its scientific process that can be applied to anything. Adding on the facts, it's a part of the digital world since the beginning and the designer will look after the feel of the user from the product.

Their job includes making assumptions so users can have the best, positive and real experience and to do that they collect information of the target audience by conducting interviews, taking surveys, quantitative analysis, and many other approaches. The ultimate purpose of UX designers is creating easy, efficient, relevant and all-round experiences that even include them to have knowledge and understanding of psychology and systematic design.

Web Designer

In the present time, web designing is a very broad category and it includes the designing of visuals functionality of a website. The above-mentioned UI and UX are part of web designs, hence making a solid online foundation tied to intrinsically to graphic design at every level, following the principles and digital sale tactics like the "call to action" button for increased sales.

Web designers hold the responsibility of some traditional approaches like color and typography while maintaining the responsive sizes on multiple devices. The designer understands the business concepts and working with the existing brand following guidelines like creating prototypes of the design and testing these prototypes to incorporate in future design.

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