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Increase Your Social Media Following by Following These Simple Steps

Author: Michael Kelly
by Michael Kelly
Posted: Feb 22, 2020
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Increasing your social media following is essential if you are trying to increase your website traffic. Gaining followers on social media is tricky due to so many other accounts, providing similar content such as you hence you need to separate yourself from the crowd by following the following steps;

Engage Regularly:

Building a good number of followers is impossible if you only post content but do not engage with the content of others. You cannot just use a platform to promote your brand if you do not take the interest to engage with others hence engage regularly in order to gain followers.

Be Consistent in Posting:

You cannot gain followers by just creating a social media account, but you also need to share valuable content regularly for your followers to be engaged hence be consistent in posting relevant content.

Use Appropriate Hashtags:

If you are seeking to gain new followers, you need to help them find you by adding appropriate hashtags to your post so that your content can be easily searched by others.

Include Social Media Follow Buttons:

Add social media follow icon on every page of your website. Do not forget to include these in your emails as well to increase the number of organic followers.

Follow Popular Influencer and Share Their Content:

You need to be knowledgeable about the influencers in your industry and share their content with your followers. Remember to use the right hashtags and many of their followers may follow you back as well.

Add Your Social Account Links of Emails to Subscribers:

Every time you send an email to your email list of subscribers, remember to add your social media buttons to remind them of your social media accounts.

Respond to Comments from Followers:

Just gathering followers and forgetting about them is not going to help as you will have to also engage with them by responding to their comments which will encourage them to engage more with your content.

Make It Easy for Others to Share Your Content:

Visitors are not going to take the effort of copying and pasting the URL of your post hence it is essential to add social media sharing buttons on each post of your website which is visible to them so that they can share the content easily.

Identify Popular Posts Using Stats:

When you have the advantage of finding out the viral content on your site using stats then why not use it for your advantage? Reposting such viral content posts on social media can help you gather a more engaged audience.

The Bottom Line:

It may be difficult to find followers initially hence use external services to gain followers. For e.g. you can Buy LinkedIn Followers to make your profile look more popular which will encourage the audience to engage further with you.

The number of followers is useless unless they really engage with your content hence focus on improving your content and gathering useful followers who seem to be interested in engaging with your niche rather than just following you are forgetting all about you.

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Michael Kelly is a Freelancer Writer, Entrepreneur and passionate blogger. A writer by day and a reader by night.

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