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All You Need To Know About Exterior Painting

Author: Franky Boy
by Franky Boy
Posted: Feb 27, 2020

Your house is a place where you get solace. It is a fact that the interior of your home puts an impact on your mind. To give your home the aesthetic look, you have used appealing creative pieces and other expensive furniture pieces inside your home. The walls of the interior are beautifully painted. You have invested a good deal of your hard-earned money in the interiors of your home. Have you ever seen the exterior parts of your house? In a bid to make the interior of your house attractive, you have overlooked the exterior portion of your home. The colors of the exterior walls have faded. The stains on the exterior surfaces of the home project a dull look to your house. It is necessary to focus on the exterior painting of your home. If you want to stay at your home for a longer period of time, then you should pay attention to the exterior surfaces of your home as well. The exterior painting is the key to extend the longevity of your home. How will you go about the exterior painting? Which things do you need to keep in mind while executing exterior painting? Run your eyes through the following lines to know all about the exterior painting.

Why Exterior Painting Is Needed?

With each passing day and year, the exterior portion of your home gets exposed to moisture and sunlight. The constant exposure of sunlight and moisture reduces the longevity of your home. Moreover, dust, dirt, and debris affect the exterior surfaces of the house. The accumulation of dirt and stains lessens the gloss of the exterior painting. Moreover, The surface of the exterior walls gets cracked and chipped. Paints safeguard the outer layer of the home. Exterior painting is needed to prevent the exterior surfaces from the weather, UV rays of the sun, cold, rain, rust, termites, heat and chemical environment.

Prominence Of Exterior Painting

The exterior surfaces get affected by sun rays, moisture, extreme cold, and severe weather conditions. As a result, you will notice flaking, peeling, cracking and chipping on the surfaces of the exterior portion of your home. The UV rays put a negative effect on the exterior painting. The side effect of sunlight can be noticed in the form of blisters. When you touch the exterior surface of your home, you will see powdery residue which is the result of the UV rays of the sun. The UV rays put a negative effect on the exterior painting. The side effect of sunlight can be noticed in the form of blisters. When you touch the exterior surface of your home, you will see powdery residue which is the result of the UV rays of the sun. Day by day, the paint in the exterior parts becomes thinner and weaker. It is best to paint the exterior walls of your home after seven years. If you are living in a zone where there is a high level of intense sunlight or moisture, then it is recommended to execute the exterior painting after five years.

Exterior Painting Project Guide

  • During the construction of the home exteriors, wood is used. As time passes by, the wood starts to deteriorate. Therefore, you should paint the wood in order to prevent it from deteriorating. The coat of paint will indeed shield the exterior surfaces of your house from the unpleasant weather conditions.
  • It is time to paint the exterior walls. Instead of getting the exterior walls painted by yourself, you should hire a professional who would know how to do the exterior painting task in a professional manner. Moreover, you may not know which colors would be suitable for the exterior part of the home. Hence, hiring skilled painters can make the exterior painting work convenient for you.
  • When you carry out the exterior painting, you often tend to forget to paint the front door. As the painters get occupied in painting the exterior walls, the front door goes out of the picture. Give a vibrant color on the door which will elevate the appearance of the exterior painting.
  • It is important to keep the season and time in mind before you start doing the exterior painting project. Set a realistic timeline for finishing the project of exterior painting. Bear in mind that it will take time to complete the exterior painting project. Discuss with your professional painters about the apt season to perform the exterior painting.

Exterior Painting Benefits:

There are various benefits associated with exterior painting. Let us know about the benefits of exterior painting in the lines mentioned below.

  • Make The Exterior Of Your Home Impressive: Before the guests enter your home, they see the exterior of your house. Poor exterior painting leaves a bad impression on your guest's mind. The first step to create a curb appeal is by having an effective exterior painting.

  • Enhance The Value Of Home: Whether you want to give a facelift to your home or you want to sell your home, the bright and fresh exterior painting helps increase the resale value of your house. The value of a house keeps rising when the exterior and interior parts of a home are highly maintained.

  • Add A Layer Of Protection: Aside from making your home look outstanding from outside, exterior painting safeguards your home from harsh weather, insects, and dust. The quality exterior painting keeps the colors of the paint intact for a longer period of time.

  • Fix Exterior Damages: Damages on the exterior walls occur which often go unnoticed by the house owners. It is imperative to get the exterior damages repaired as early as possible. While you get the exterior painting done from a professional painter, some exterior damages might be noticed by the painters. If there are mold, water stains, or rotting wood in the exterior part of your home, then the damages on the wall will get fixed at once by the painters.

The information about the exterior painting will prove to be useful for the homeowners. Keep the points in mind and follow them accordingly to keep the exterior painting intact always.

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By Franky Boy, interior painting specialist from Alberta Colour Painting.

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