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Tips To Attract People with Impressive Retail Signagesand Banners

Author: Garick Brennan
by Garick Brennan
Posted: Feb 27, 2020
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The visibility is one of the most important factors of every successful retail business. However, that is not everything as mere visibility may not convert to business.

Are you part of the retail sector and use signages and banners to attract potential customers to your store? Do you think that your signages and banners are capturing the attention of people and compelling them to visit your store?

When you go out next time, try to look at your signages and banners from different distances, angles, and at different times of the day. Are you able to see your signages standout from many hundreds of other retail signages? If your business is standalone in a state highway or a remote location, your signages can easily catch the eyes of the by-passers.

But, when it comes to a busy street in the central business district, you can’t get that advantage. Hundreds of retail signages in Melbourn’s Chappel Street, New York’s Times Square, or London’s Oxford Street can make your banners almost invisible. Let’s discuss how to make your retail signages and banners impressive and attracting more people to your products and services.

However, before moving to the tips and strategies, you should also know how signages and banners are important for a business.

Why Is Signage Important For A Business?

A FedEx survey in 2012 has shown that nearly 80 percent of consumers choose a retail business based on its signage. Interestingly, the same survey revealed that almost 68 percent bought something from a business only because its signages impressed them.

Do you know that poor quality signages make 52 percent of people to stay away from a business? When it comes to branding and advertising, exterior signages and banners work year-round and bring new customers to your store. Regardless of you have a single store or a chain of stores, signages improve your brand visibility and help you to convey your message to customers.

Moreover, signages are one of the most cost-effective marketing strategy options to improve the visibility of your brand or business. Apart from the initial investment, these signages won’t cost you anything significantly but will give you advertisement 24/7, throughout the year.

Let’s go through the aspects of retail signages that can bring potential customers inside the store. Here, we focus on exterior signages and banners than interior ones as they define the image of your business in your customers’ mind and attract more people in.

The Banner Size Matters

The size of your banners and signages is important in capturing the eyes of your potential customers.

Consider the different views of a walking customer along the street. He or she may be walking from, let’s say, 100 meters along the straight road. Are they able to see and distinguish your signage from a distance 80-100 meters, or at least 50 meters?

If your retail shop is on a straight road, the size of the signages and banners really matters. It’s also important to consider the message you want to include in your signages. If you have more information to communicate to your potential customers, it’s always good to choose large signages and banners.

Don’t forget that the size of the signage also means the font size you used. The message should be readable by your potential customers from different angles, long distances.

According to the World Health Organisation, nearly 1.3 billion people around the globe struggle with some form of vision impairment, and 826 million of them have near vision issues. The size of the font and the signage can help them to read your messages better.

In general, an 8" letter height can be seen and read by people, with normal vision, up to 105 meters, though it has the best impact within 25 meters.

Researches show that every inch of letter height gives 3 meters of additional best impact. Even after getting the right font height and banner size, you should still review the impact of it at regular intervals. New businesses around your premises may steal your potential customers with more visible signages and banners.

The Colour Brings The Attention

The color is the primary aspect that makes your signages standout from several banners and advertising boards in the street. You must consider a number of factors to get the best attention from your potential customers. According to the color science in retail signage, red and orange can lead to impulsive buying compared to the colors.

The color is youthful, creative, and enthusiastic. It gives a level of urgency and compels customers to make quick decisions. Red signages and banners are an excellent choice for fast food centers, clearance sales shops, and outlet malls.

You may have brand-specific colors for your business; still, you can use other colors for your signages and banners and attract customers. As long as you are not a reputed brand with a well-established color scheme, you can harness the power of colors.

Keep in mind that men and women have different preferences when it comes to various colors. For instance, if your store is only selling women’s products, you can choose blue, purple, and green to connect with them. On the other hand, stores with products for men can use blue, green, and black to attract their customers.

Do you know that blue and green colors are known to create an emotional impact on customers? They give a level of reliability, calmness, and sense of dependence, and green and blue signages create a trusting relationship with your customers. These colors are the ideal choice for pharmaceutical, technology, social media, and environmental industries.

Considering the popularity of color minimalism in recent years, you can use white or light backgrounds and bold color fonts to get standout signages and banners.

Simplicity Is Powerful

Simplicity is a powerful strategy in designing signages and banners. Many retailers forget to include only the required and relevant information, and the result is low customer attraction to the store.

The FedEx survey in 2012 revealed that nearly 79 percent of people remember a retail business based on its signage. What kind of image would you want to create on your customers’ mind about your business? Clean, professional signage indicates that you’re doing serious business and can be greatly trusted.

Give prominence to your key message and avoid any superfluous decorations that can divert the attention from the message. As simple as you make your banner, the message gets more prominence. As discussed earlier, try to use color minimalism to appeal the modern customers.

The brand elements of your business, including the logo and business name, should be prominently listed on top of the banners and signages. Some brand names can give an indication of what they sell. Anyway, ask yourself while designing the banners and signages, do they clearly signal what you sell?

You can also include the elements that can compel them to choose your products, including discounts, promotional offers, and more. However, you shouldn’t forget to remove the signages after the promotional period is over.

Some images can speak your voice better than words and bring more people. If you’re in the food industry, the image of your most popular food product can suddenly send signals to their salivary glands and lure them into your business.

Importantly, your signages and banners should have a professional appeal to connect to the minds of an average customer.

Maintenance Of Your Signages

What impression do you get after you see dirty signage or banner in a busy street? You will easily conclude that the business is either closed permanently or not actively selling their products.

Discolored or torn off signages also create the same thoughts in the minds of the customers. In addition to designing and placing impressive signages, it’s also important to ensure the regular maintenance of them.

You can use a damp cloth to clean dirty vinyl banners and wipe them down. In most cases, you don’t need to use any cleaning products. However, if you find the dirt is greasy, you can use a mild soap to clean. Don’t forget that chemical cleaners can damage the prints on the banner, and you may need to replace your banners quite often.

While cleaning the signages and banners, check for any traces of peeling and cracking to repair them immediately. In most cases, you may not have the expertise to repair the damages of signages and banners.

If you use illuminated signages, chances are there that the LEDs of the signages may malfunction. Especially if your retail shop is located in a busy city street, you can’t ignore how a fully functional, illuminated signboard can help you to attract people to your business 24/7.

Call up your signage manufacturer as they can provide professional, quick services and restore your banners to get maximum visibility. Most signage and banner manufacturers also give comprehensive maintenance and repair services to provide a wholesome experience to their customers.

While choosing the signages and banners, you should also pay attention to select high-quality materials. Vinyl is the preferred material choice for outdoor signages and banners due to its durability.

Prominent signage manufacturers use exterior grade latex, polyurethane, or oil-based paints that can withstand harsh weather conditions.

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