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Enjoy Raisins In A Healthy And Nutritious Way

Author: Gaurav Kale
by Gaurav Kale
Posted: Feb 28, 2020

Raisins are the dried grapes made in sun or driers and contain nutrients in concentrated form. Raisins online are available on the various websites but if you are looking for a premium quality buy them from Dry Fruit Zone. The website assures in providing high-grade quality products along with warehouse to door service. Now you can buy raisins online, you just have to place your order from our website. These are also a rich source of carbohydrates providing you energy for the day so what are you waiting to buy raisins now. It contains antioxidants that combat free radicals in the body giving a boost to your immune system. Let us learn more about them.

Cures Hypertension

Raisins are mostly given when a person is suffering from hypertension, it quickly normalizes the body. Doctors too are recommending this rich potassium source as a fast remedy. The potassium in it stops the blood vessels from becoming rigid. Hence the chances of hypertension are reduced. The antioxidant properties of this tiny dried fruit protect the heart as well as reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Prevents Cancer

The antioxidants present in raisins have proven to destroy free radicals that harm the organ system and cells. This thus protects the body and does not allow for the growth of cancer cells. When added to the diet, the catechins in it are the real antioxidant which protects the body.

For Good Digestion

Raisins contain fibers that are very helpful in good digestion. Eating raisins daily is beneficial for the stomach as it also prevents signs of constipation. So this also reduces the chances of loose motions and diarrhea. The laxative present in it acts in the body thus digesting any food that you eat.

Cures Diabetes

Eating resin daily regulates sugar level in the body, therefore, controlling it. It also helps in controlling leptin and ghrelin that tell when the body is hungry thus controlling your diet. It is mainly noticed that the after-meal insulin rise is controlled if you take raisins. However, it has been recommended to take this in moderation to avoid any side effects.

Cures Anemia

The high content of iron in raisins helps in building blood levels in the body, therefore, curing anemia. It was suggested that we should take half a cup of raisins to see noticeable results. Vitamin B also plays a significant role in boosting blood levels in the body. The copper content in the body helps in the production of red blood cells.

Stronger Bones

raisins contain calcium that helps in bone formation. The boron macronutrient in it paces the absorption of calcium in the bones making it stronger. It also helps in preventing women from having osteoporosis caused by menopause. The potassium help in bone formation. The oleanolic in resin also helps protect the teeth against decay or cavity. It also kills the bacteria in the mouth and thus gives the teeth extra care.

Boosts Immunity

The iron content in raisins helps in boosting immunity and building amino acids as a result to improve metabolism. It also contains polyphenolic phytonutrients which reduce the chances of any infections.

Provides Healthy Skin

Well, did you know that resin protects the skin against aging and blemishes? Let's have a know-how! The phenol that is present in resin gives the skin extra care and makes it look healthy. Resin also controls boils and pimples produced by eating fried food in the skin. Blood regulation in the body is also one reason for delivering glowing skin. The resin phytochemicals also provide a good nutrient against skin sun damage.

Sexual Wellness

Reports have also suggested that raisins help in sexual wellness amongst. It contains the amino acid Arginine that increases the libido in the body, therefore, express arousal. It has suggested improving erectile dysfunction amongst men.

For Weight Control

The nutrients in resin that control insulin spikes automatically control hunger, therefore, reducing the chances of extra weight in the body. Since it also helps in digesting food properly that also helps in controlling weight. It is recommended for athletes who want a boost in energy during their training period. raisins act as natural sugar therefore you will not require to take sugar.

You might get bored eating resin like that how about making a dish out of it. After a meal, relish this sweet dessert and let it work to deliver its best benefits.

Raisin Halwa/ Kishmish Ka Halwa

An Indian dish, this one contains essential spices along with the major ingredient. It requires 30-40 minutes to be made. Let's get started!


200 gms raisins

150ml water

1/2 cup sugar

1/2 cup corn starch

1/2 cup ghee

7-8 cashews

1/4th teaspoons of cardamom powder

1. You need to soak the raisins overnight before starting the process to blend it the next day. Bring it to a fine paste.

2. Make a liquid mix of corn starch and water in a cup.

3. Put the ghee in a pan, and cashew the roast until it becomes golden.

4. Add the sugar and water, and stir until the sugar dissolves for a while.

5. Now put the paste of resin in it, and stir it again until it boils.

6. Then pour in the corn starch and water mixture and add ghee on top of it so that the material does not stick to the pan.

7. Sprinkle the cardamom powder over it and transfer the platter into a bowl to cool down.

8. You can cut your dish into pieces, and serve it.

Raisins are the small pack of dried fruit that contains highly essential benefits for the body. A quick snack for the health enthusiast, used for religious purposes the sweet taste slightly tangy has benefited more than you can think.

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