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A Basic Guide to Clean Common Rust Stains from Your Car

Author: Liam Thomas
by Liam Thomas
Posted: Feb 28, 2020

Rusting is a process in which iron-based metals go through electrochemical breakdowns, also known as oxidation. During this activity, the surface molecules of the metal react with oxygen present in the air and form a chemical compound called iron oxide. With time, the iron and metallic surfaces completely reduce to iron oxide.

These unpleasant rust spots keep on developing on the vehicle surfaces over time and permanently damage the car eventually. Rust stains develop on the surface of the auto when it’s left in a humid area or a place full of residues of ferrous powder. These ferrous remnants are considered to be the main reason for the formation of red dots.

Getting rid of these stubborn rusts not only preserves the market price of your car but also sustains its appearance. To remove these stains, first, you need to know the kind of rust present on your vehicle and then decide on the right tools to complete the job. There are a variety of industrial cleaners and degreasers on the market to help you control the rusting process. Now let’s discuss the 3 common types of rust your car can receive and how you can overcome them:

Surface Rust

Whenever there are some scratches or cracks in the paint, the surface rust appears in them immediately because of no insulation. At microscopic levels, these rusts target any chemical impurities present in the metallic alloys. The oxidation of steel at this level can easily be cured when treated immediately.

The best solution for this problem is to keep paint (matching the color of your car) in your garage. As soon as the issue arises, apply a small amount of paint on the affected parts of the vehicle for the best results. This will help in insulating the metallic surface of your car from future oxidation.

You can also use Auto Fallout Remover which is specifically formulated to eliminate iron dust particles embedded in the new vehicle’s paint film. This special product will remove the tiny dust particles from your car’s paint without damaging it. Cut through the paint with the help of sandpaper until the bright and clean metal surface is visible. Apply primer, then paint well and clear the coat afterward. Do a thorough buffing for blending the finishes.

Scale Rust

It is the result of letting the surface rust continue to corrode the metal until the rust starts attacking the steel aggressively. The exposed metallic surface keeps on rusting at various rates depending on the thickness and components of alloy, environmental conditions, and the kind of heating process the steel went through. Some alloying elements such as chromium and nickel are added to the steel during the manufacturing process to hold off the rusting process but that doesn’t work every time.

During the snow season in Edmonton, the process of scale rust speeds up because of the presence of road salts (used to increase friction between the road and your car). This is one of the reasons why vehicles and trucks operating in northern areas face increased scale rusting.

To remove the scale rust, use a wire brush to get through the rusting until you get to the smooth metal surface using sandpaper. Apply a coating of primer and paint to finish the job.

Penetrating Rust

This kind of rusting happens at the most advanced stages when the rust starts creating holes in the metallic surface. You may need to replace a part or entire body frame of your vehicle to eliminate the harmful effects of corrosion. The metallic surface of the vehicle facing the road directly is mainly affected by rust through the gradual accumulation of oxidizing agents.

Aluminum and magnesium are among the lightweight components that could be dissolved in steel but these are expensive and get easily corroded as well. Some experts prefer to add highly durable anti-corrosive agents to the steel before painting it. These anti-rust coatings may be subjected to regular wear and tear. Regular inspection and maintenance through experts are required to prevent penetrating rust from developing.

The vehicle decay through corrosion is avoidable. The most commonly used method is to wash the car surface regularly to get rid of salts, grime, and dirt that cause rusting. The other means to prevent rusting of your auto is by keeping all the components dry.

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