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How to write meeting minutes in 7 Easy Steps (step-by-step guide)

Author: Oliver Mike
by Oliver Mike
Posted: Feb 29, 2020
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The minutes of meeting is a business document that records complete details of the events that occurred in the company’s staff meeting. This type of document is not mandatory to maintain for the company, but often it can be useful for the company’s record. At the end of the meeting, you can draw up a report in which the meeting discussion will be described. It is a wise decision to write good minutes of meeting for proper follow-up. You can take help from the minutes of meeting template and write a good document.

Why Write Meeting Minutes

Each company holds different meetings on a regular basis. These meetings can solve a large number of serious problems, respond to complex issues in a timely manner, and plan business development strategies. The main purpose of the agreement is to record all issues, tasks, and opinions expressed during the meeting as well as joint decisions. The participants can view all the topics covered and check what agreements have been reached and whether they have been implemented. Other stakeholders and unexpected absences can be found through the report. After a few minutes, they can be used as evidence or history tools.

The best option is to make the minutes of meeting drafts during the meeting and making the final document later. It is similar to dissertation writing where you draft a proposal before you make the final document. The meeting minutes document is often emailed after the meeting to all the participants to highlight what was discussed in the meeting who was attending. Apart from recordkeeping, the document ensures that all the members and meeting attendants acknowledge the meeting discussions.

How to Write Meeting Minutes

In any business, designing meeting minutes is one of the most difficult steps in preparing and organizing meetings. This process is time-consuming and requires the most accurate meeting recordings. With the staff meeting minutes sample, you can find out how to draw up the minutes of the meeting.

With this material, you will learn meeting minutes, sections of meeting minutes, meeting minutes, storing meeting minutes, sample meeting minutes and more. Many organizations consider it necessary to develop agreements for meetings. In this regard, this obligation is borne by the secretary and requires certain skills. Preparation of the minutes of the meeting should begin a few days before the meeting. This document is compiled in protocol form, standard form or regular A4 paper. Consider reviewing the minutes of meeting guide before you prepare the minutes (for each guest as an example).

Tips for Writing Minutes of Meeting

1. Look at the agenda

Look at the agenda first. This is the first step to prepare the minutes of meeting. List the most important moment of the meeting and prepare for the purpose of the meeting and the content of the agenda. Make sure you know what's on the agenda and read the latest minutes of the meeting. This step is often underestimated or missed but it makes a difference. By viewing the previous minutes, you know what to expect in terms of style and content.

2. Choosing digital format or paper for recording

Determine whether you will use a notepad or a laptop to record minutes of the meeting. Choose the method that suits you best. The advantage of using digital meeting records is that you can already do a lot and prepare reports faster. The senior content curator at suggests taking notes on a laptop as the best method of recording because it can be emailed instantly after the meeting. Taking notes on a laptop or tablet is becoming more common nowadays. Minutes are transcripts in which you write spoken words into text.

3. Choose a good place

During recording meeting of minutes, it is important that you are in a place where you can see and hear everyone clearly. If a presentation is provided, be sure to see it clearly. Don't let anyone come in front and block the view because you play the most important role. So make sure you see and hear everything that is happening. If things go too fast or are still unclear: don't hesitate to ask again.

4. Use keywords while writing

While writing minutes of meeting, write in telegram style and use keywords. Do not be too short, because after the meeting you must always understand everything to prepare the correct report. Writing everything in full sentences is often not possible. Use catchwords or keywords and a short writing style to save time and catch up with everything. The development of proposals comes later. Be careful with abbreviations. It may happen that after some time you no longer remember what you have written. Moreover, you can mark decisions or action points by underlining them.

5. Write the minutes immediately

Start writing the final document immediately or as soon as possible after the meeting. This way, you avoid forgetting things, because everything is still fresh in the memory. It is also nice for the participants that the minutes are available quickly. Certainly, for the participants who could not be present at the time of the meeting.

6. Ask for clarification

After the meeting is finished, ask for clarifications if there is still any confusion or summarize the main points. The importance of meeting minutes writing is to understand the issues and problems that need to be addressed. So, stay active and present-minded and don’t be shy to ask for any explanation. The next 10 minutes after the meeting is a golden time to chat and request for any clarification.


Writing minutes of meeting is what you need to learn. It goes even further by writing down what was said with the slogan and sending it later. The minutes of the meeting are the starting point for the next meeting on the same subject or discussion or serve as a final report on the problems solved. It is an important part of the process and needs to be written in a concise form. Make sure it’s clear and understandable to everyone as this document will help you make the next meeting productive and successful.

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