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How to Write Good Annotated Bibliography Topics and Ideas

Author: Ramiiz Raza
by Ramiiz Raza
Posted: Mar 01, 2020
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Finishing an assignment is one of those moments where students feel the happiest, but their happiness soon fades away as they also have to write the bibliography. A bibliography contains a list of all the sources that have been used in the research. Traditionally found at the end, a bibliography contains all the sources that guarantee the stated information to be true.

Bibliographies were largely used until they were replaced with annotated bibliography. The annotated bibliography was a better version of the bibliography. Annotated bibliographies contained a summary of the mentioned sources. Soon annotated bibliography was divided into two more parts.

Summary annotations covered the annotations with a summary of the sources. Mainly stating some basic information like who wrote it, when was it written, for what. Summary annotations are used to describe the work.

Evaluative annotations cover the annotations with the summary and also criticizes the work on its accuracy, quality and relevance. Evaluative annotations are focused on evaluating the work for its future use. The work is firstly evaluated and then is stated to describe its usefulness in further use. The work is usually criticized to find its accuracy.

Although bibliographies aren’t that valued in front of the whole assignment, bibliographies can affect the result. Bibliographies are the citations that give credit to the authors whose work has been stated in the assignment. Bibliographies give reference to the knowledge which is written above.

In need, bibliographies can help in scoring better grades as teachers have to evaluate the bibliographies. Students writing their dissertations know the value of a good bibliography.

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Knowing the value of bibliographies students often feel helpless as they don’t have much knowledge about the subject. But, a bibliography is just a concept which can also be learned. By following some tips and regulations any student can write a good annotated bibliography.

Steps students should follow while writing an annotated bibliography

  1. The citations should be written in MLA style

  2. Citations should be summarized and evaluated on the basis of its targeted audience, themes, ideas, facts and intention.

  3. The author’s profile, expertise, bias and point of view should also be stated.

  4. All the citations should be compared to the topic chosen by students.

  5. Similarities and differences should also be stated.

  6. It should be explained about why the source was useful for the study.

  7. Strength and weaknesses of each source should be evaluated.

  8. The observations and the conclusions that were made by the authors should be understood and shown by the students.

Tips on writing and formatting

  • Each annotation have to be around one paragraph

Annotated bibliographies cover the information that is needed to support the information that was given before. Below citations, students are required to write needed information about the author and the facts shown in the citation. Bibliographies don’t require much information on it. students should always keep their annotations within one paragraph.

  • Annotations should be around 150 to 200 words

To support the bibliography format and keep it short, students should always keep their annotations around the word limit of 150 to 200 words. An annotated bibliography is supposed to be a short section at the end of an assignment, students should always write according to the given word limit. Students writing above the word limit get no extra grades instead, it affects them badly as bibliographies aren’t required to be that long.

  • All the lines should be double spaced

Bibliographies have their own constructing format. For bibliographies to look like bibliographies, students should always be written in certain formats. MLA style is the preferred one for bibliography writing.

  • Citations should be organised according to their size

Long citations should always be organised according to their size. It is acceptable for short citations to be unorganized, but long citations have to be organised to be understandable.

  • Explanations and objectives should be given

Students often give their opinions in their annotations. Although it is acceptable for the student to do that, they are also required to give their explanations and objectives.

  • Written in the third person

While writing annotated bibliographies, students should always write in third person format. The First and second person is not accepted in the bibliographies as students have to state the findings and work of the authors.

  • All the formats should be the same

Depending on the topic bibliographies can be vast or short. Student should always write in the same format. Different patterns on different citations can make them look unprofessional and can negatively affect the grades.

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