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10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Dry Cleaning Service

Author: Elisa Roy
by Elisa Roy
Posted: Mar 01, 2020

  • Would you jump at the chance of having someone else do your laundry for free without compromising on your cleaning standards?
  • What if you had to pay a reasonable fee for this dry cleaning service?

If you answered Yes to the first question and had a little difficulty answering the second, know that you’re not alone.

Given how busy our lives have become, it is understandable that many individuals and organizations in the United States and beyond have decided to outsource their laundry to dry cleaning service companies like Spotless.

However, a significant number of households and businesses for different reasons still hesitate to use laundry services in the USA.

The most common reason often given is that they still prefer saving money by doing laundry themselves, or they do not trust that dry cleaning service companies can deliver excellent laundry results.

Either way, this article on ten (10) reasons why you should choose dry cleaning, addresses those concerns, while at the same time revealing the reasons why nearly everyone should be using dry cleaning services.

Ten (10) Reasons Why You Should Choose Dry Cleaning

  1. Experience

Although you indeed have some years of experience with handling laundry, laundry care experts working with dry cleaning service companies, often have more skill. The reason for their high level of expertise is because they spend several hours daily caring for different kinds of clothes, and also employ different high-grade machines and equipment.

Putting these factors into perspective, it is easy to see why they are likely to achieve more compelling results for your laundry.

  1. Convenience

Dry cleaning services like Spotless now offers a laundry android app or laundry iPhone app to request pickup of dirty laundry from your doorstep. Thanks to technological advancements, this provision makes dry cleaning very convenient since clients can select washing procedures, schedule dates and make payments all using a single platform.

Try out our laundry Android app (Google Playstore) or laundry iPhone app (Apple Store) today.

  1. Dry Clean Any Clothing

Instead of struggling to learn how to safely care for different kinds of clothing (Cotton, Silk, Suits, Beddings), you can hand it over to an expert to get the job done. That will arguably save you the time and resources required to learn how to care for different cloth types since you surely have many!

  1. Time-Saving

In line with the last reason we discussed, time-saving represents the finest argument for using a professional dry cleaning service.

Most laundry services USA companies return your clothes within 24-hours or even less if you select the express delivery option via the laundry android app or laundry iPhone app. You can then spend time doing the things that matter most to you.

  1. Cost-Effective

You’ll likely spend only a few dollars to have a truckload of laundry adequately dry cleaned. For students and businesses, especially, it represents a cost-effective approach since there’s no need to purchase high-cost machines or maintain an in-house dry cleaning team.

The latter encroaches on office space, and also significantly increases operational costs that can be avoided when you hire a professional laundry services USA company like, Spotless.

  1. Ideal for Stain and Odor Removal

If you’ve ever had to abandon a favorite cloth because of a tough stain or stench, you may likely have given up early since a professional dry cleaner often can remove tough stains and odors. We strongly recommend that you let a professional dry cleaner inspect the items first and then give their verdict.

  1. Dry Clean Large items

For organizations and large households, dry cleaning large items such as curtains, sofa covers, and rugs can be an arduous task. But by hiring a professional dry cleaning service, this seeming undoable task can be completed in record time, and every party will be satisfied.

  1. Exceptional Finishing

Instead of spending your entire weekend standing with an iron on an ironing board, and still not achieving professional results, consider outsourcing your laundry to a professional dry cleaning service.

The professional finishing will give your garment a like-new appearance with no wrinkles or creases out of place.

  1. Your Clothes Last Longer

Contrary to what many believe, dry cleaning helps your clothes last longer since professionals at all times handle them. There is no need to worry about the color of your best clothes fading, a situation that indirectly saves you money that you spend on renewing your wardrobe from time to time.

  1. Competitive Rates

The fact that there are now several laundry services USA companies means that households and organizations can choose to settle with only those that offer the best rates, without compromising on specified laundry requirements.

Spotless offers some of the best rates in the industry and thus has retained the trust of most clients.

Final Words

At this point, we’ve effectively revealed the ten reasons why you should choose dry cleaning. If you’re still not convinced, you can try our service, and we promise that you’ll be impressed by the results.

Install our laundry Android app (Google Playstore) or laundry iPhone app (Apple Store) today for an excellent experience.

About the Author

Elisa Roy is a freelance content writer at Spotless in the United States. I am having 5 years of experience in wring content on various topics such as home cleaning, laundry & dry cleaning and etc

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Author: Elisa Roy

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