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Do’s and Don'ts Fine Dining Etiquette

Author: Backbone Bar Gold Coast
by Backbone Bar Gold Coast
Posted: Mar 02, 2020

When dining in a Gold Coast restaurant, there’s a few things that are expected of you, but dining etiquette is relaxed in most places, so join with the theme of the establishment you’re in. Some basic etiquette rules apply universally, so you will be able to feel comfortable in any setting:

The things you should and shouldn’t do

  • Be the Host

Politely make it clear you’re the host by suggesting to the maitre d or waiting staff that "your guests" will order first or by offering your credit card

  • Dress Accordingly

You're expected to dress for the occasion, if you’re not sure, simply Google the establishment to find norm, but always dress so you feel relaxed, smart casual is normally acceptable

  • Liquor

Unless the establishment has their own boutique beer as many restaurants on the Gold Coast now do, stick to wines, cocktails or sprits. Unless you really know your stuff and are paying the whole tab allow others to order the wine and hope they know what they are ordering

  • Ordering

Allow your guests to order first and order the same number of courses or with their permission order for them

  • Eating

Take small mouthfuls and pause, so your guests set the pace and do not feel hurried.

With fine dining, there’s usually multiple courses coming so don’t fill yourself with bread at the start.

Each course is small and the idea is to enjoy tastes and company not to pig out.

The wine waiter is not short changing you by not filling your glass to the top, they know the correct height for maximum taste and aroma enjoyment of each type of wine

  • Napkins

Don’t be surprised if your waiter, places your folded napkin in your lap for you as you sit down.

Use the center of your napkin to wipe your hands or dab your lips, not the edge so the marks do not show and never wipe your brow with it.

If you leave the table, place your napkin on your seat to show you wish to continue when you return, leaving it on the table is a sign you have finished

  • Cutlery

Start by using the cutlery on the outside first and work inwards towards the plate with successive courses.

Always leave your cutlery on the plate not on the table. If you’re not finished, keep them separated, if finished, set them together. If you require some new cutlery, the waiter will provide them as needed.

  • Keep the Table clear

Don’t place bags, wallets, cell phones or elbows on the table. You should turn off your cell phone and give your attention to your companions and the food not "facebook". If you feel the need to take a photo do so unobtrusively

  • Unknown Words or Expressions

Your waiting staff are professionals and know their stuff, they are only too pleased to explain anything you are unsure of, especially new names, things about the food or wine or their recommendations on dishes and matching drinks.

The idea is to enjoy yourself, so your wait staff will try and answer all your questions and queries.

  • Tipping

Your wait staff have made your whole dining experience enjoyable, so show your appreciation without being stingy, if you can’t afford to tip, go takeout

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