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Reasons why small businesses cannot survive without a business loan

Author: Nicon Ch
by Nicon Ch
Posted: Mar 02, 2020
business loans

Everyone knows that small businesses need some sort of funding to grow. Although everyone has their own reasons for wanting some extra cash flow, a lot of people do not understand the vitality of having loans at your side. While most businesses tend to fail in their first year, those who do survive will do so with lots of funding by their side. This is not only a great means to grow your business but also allows you to expand your operations in a short period of time. But why do small businesses need professional loans to survive? And what happens when business owner disregard their importance?

Even though not all business loans are equal to one another, the best small business loans are those who do not have to deal with stringent histories and give room for flexible payments. For most companies, dealing with documentation, high interest, and long term responsibility is just an added pressure. But all startups should know that without business loans, they will not be able to survive, and business operations will go under. When this happens, one will experience immense loss in terms of their business and investments and thus will be impacted by a huge setback.


For those who are not novel to the field of entrepreneurship, there is a common understanding that their companies need some extra backing for operations to run smoothly. This means that newer businesses of a smaller scale will come across complex issues and incidents that they are not prepared to deal with. And when such an event happens, having a loan by your side will save you both time and money in the long run. Whether you need inventory or want to branch out your offices, you must grow your brand through the help of these loans.

It has been estimated that around twenty percent of small businesses do not make it past their first year. Besides this, around fifty percent of these companies will not live up to the five-year mark even. These stats may be providing certain aspects of gloominess for you if you are an entrepreneur, but the dilemma ends when you understand how revenue growth can be achieved. The concept is that of business loans, even if you are a bigger brand. The assessment falls on your current situation and the needs you have. So, ask yourself: why do you need a business loan?

Lack of Capital

One of the main reasons your small business can benefit from a business loan is working capital. A lot of entrepreneurs complain about the funding they cannot avail during the early stages of their business, and this ultimately leads to their downfall. As it happens in most cases, business owners will have a clear idea in their head about how much money they need to keep their operations afloat. This includes understanding employee payroll, overhead expenses, and sorts of avenues where the money is needed. But when companies eventually fail, their owners will understand that funding shortfalls were the main reason and loans could have been present to make these payments on time.

Cash Flow Management

Everyone understands that when it comes to business practices, money is everything. Keeping this in mind, the management of your cash flow needs to be regulated. Many businesses will often fail in this regard and will have to deal with an onslaught of negative cash flow. This has a lot to do with poor planning and spending more cash than you have available. Thus, for brands who need to stock up on their inventory or have similar purchases, there will be no money left. Thus, when it comes to business loans, this negative cash flow can be managed to head-on and will not plummet during difficult business cycles and fluctuations throughout the year.

Having a Cushion/Buffer

Most successful brands will not only have a good business plan at hand but will also engage in effective planning. Your overall strategy and management will take into account having cushioning, or a buffer system, as to avoid future risks. Thus, with the help of loans, you will be able to take into account a cushion for more than a few months. This means as cyclical processes go, there will be a sound backup that you will not have to worry about until the next cycle is on its way. Not only does this help your operations, but in case of a rainy day, you will be able to continue your practices without too much to stress about.

Growth of a Company

When it comes to funding, your business will need some extra cash in order to expand its operations and grow as a company. During this stage, there are specific situations where one can and cannot avail of the funds needed for more offices, better infrastructure, and more employee hiring. So the expansion project you may have in your mind for your brand can be completed only if you have some sort of backing. This is where business loans come in handy and become an essential part of the nature of your company. You can avail of the money for the following sort of changes.

  • Additional locations and spaces for your operations
  • Renovations
  • Introduction of new services and product launches
  • Advertisement and promotional campaigns
  • Collective or bulk hiring
  • Dealing with fresh marketing plans

Technological Innovation

Business owners have to stay on top of their game, and one such way this is possible is through technology and innovation. This allows startups to compete with larger corporations through their ideas and use of tech and make a name for themselves in the global market. Again, such drastic steps need financial backing, which is where business loans come in and become a part of the main picture. As you continue to grow, you can take advantage of innovation as well as funds to create an empire of technological advancement in the form of fantastic new products and services. Not only is this important for your offerings, but also for the plans you have for the future of your company as no additional funding will be needed, and you can continue your practices efficiently.


The facts given above give you a primary idea about how you can use these leans to ensure that your company stays afloat. Besides having a cushion and working capital during the fluctuations and cyclic changes, one must also consider the importance of being innovative and creative in the industry, which why availing these loans will always benefit you in the long run.

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