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Elizabeth starring in a Mattel created video today we're going to build the Barbie

Author: SEO Interm
by SEO Interm
Posted: Mar 06, 2020

Elizabeth starring in a Mattel created video today we're going to build the Barbie Dreamhouse this step-by-step video should help the Assembly be stress-free the first thing you want to do is take out the instruction.

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sheet and layout all of your pieces spreading them out makes assembly much easier we'll start with the main structure first and then add furniture and accessories later let's start with the garage take the green grass and connect it to the pink garage the floor just line up the connector points and step then snap the white stairs to the garage floor and snap the purple wall to the pink garage floor now you can add the pool platform there are only two connector points so listen for two snaps and that's the garage it's perfect for Barbie's convertible and it even fits the dream camper now let's move on to the front doors I just love these pink double doors snap.

The white columns to the pink base pops by snapping to build the main structure stand it up and fold down the bottom floor then attach the front door to the bottom fourth unfold the second floor and attach it to the top of the door then hold up the roof and attach the white support beam unfolds the bathroom wall and click it into place push the main unit away from you then snap the bottom of the garage side and top to the main unit [Music] now let's assemble the third-floor fold in the wall and closet areas and snap into place and then swing out the room divider then snap in the small roof to the right side of the top wall don't forget to snap in all three areas staff a large roof to the left side of the top wall that was easy now let's build the elevator.

My kids are gonna love it attach the elevator to the track by pushing down the elevator button while sliding it onto the track then slide it all the way to the bottom unfold the top of the track and snap it into place so it sits straight then unhook the top end of the railing now let's snap the track to the house using these four spaces [Music] [Music] finish by pushing the elevator into place and um that's the elevator this house has it all you can play in the front and in the back let's put on the back patio it's the perfect place for a backyard barbecue slide kids are gonna love this first add the support beam to make things easier the slide pieces are numbered just mash them up and snap them together [Music] then click all the sidewalls into place check it out a sliding snap the small support into place and connect the slide to the house in three different places the top floor the support beam and the pool platform the easiest.

way to connect the slide to the top floor is to squeeze the two pieces together from underneath this is gonna be so much fun and that's the main structure now we can add some finishing touches like railings and the pool snap in the five Smallville railings on the second and third floor [Music] and then snap is the one large blue railing in front of the bathroom snap the silver railings behind the pool area safety first and add the pool and that's the dream house Romero if we did it and now it's time for my favorite part adding furniture let's start on the first floor open the refrigerator and slide in the two shelves let's fill the.

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