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How to Make an App like Instagram and Wins the Market?

Author: Maksym Babych
by Maksym Babych
Posted: Mar 06, 2020
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Market Research and Planning for Creating an app like Instagram

Before creating any application let alone an app like Instagram. Conduct thorough research. The purpose of this R&D is to analyze the market position of similar applications.

Starting with market research on Instagram, widen your sphere of research. Other than this, you must also understand:

  • What makes users stick to one application?
  • What are the features and services offered by competitor applications?
  • Your target audience, where will you launch the application? What is the user base in that location? What do they like and dislike?

Since your mind is set towards what kind of application you want to build. You must focus your market research on Instagram. Identify, what it is that Instagram offers and how to improve upon that.

The planning team must be able to identify the drawbacks of Instagram (don’t worry, we will talk about it later). Work to improvise and fill the gaps left by Instagram.

In any case, your application must be able to solve a problem. The time when the Instagram app came, there was no other app. That allowed the users to share and edit the photos on a single platform.

So, Instagram came out and solved a problem for the users. In just 2 months of its release, Instagram had a user base of 1 million. That is the benefit of conducting accurate and extensive research.

You may also have to find out what it is that every photo-sharing app is missing. Connect the dots and you work on it.

Instagram has evolved from a simple photo-sharing app to an e-commerce platform. And the benefit of this transformation is that today Instagram earns a commission for every sale that is made through its platform.

When you are looking to create an app like Instagram, focus on solving some problems for the users. Identify the pain points and provide solutions that help resolve them.

From time to time, Instagram has also introduced some new features.

  • IGTV

When businesses were finding it difficult to educate their customers, Instagram launched IGTV.

Any user can create their own channel and share product videos.

This gave the businesses a platform to further increase their product’s visibility. Also, keep the audience entertained.

  • Live Video

Instagram Live Video further enhances the brand’s visibility and ensures authenticity.

Every time a user starts a live video, the followers will get a notification about the same. The users can also comment on the video which increases customer interaction.

Live Video is beneficial for product marketing, e-commerce, and branding. Influencer marketers can upload promotional content through this feature.

  • Stories

Instagram stories have been one of the most important aspects of Instagram.

A 10-second image and 15-second video story show on top of the feed page. A user can add an unlimited number of stories on Instagram. And also enjoy direct messaging via them.

Product tagging within stories also makes it easier for businesses to promote products.

Instagram has added such features that address specific problems faced by the users. While you are conducting market research into how to build an app like Instagram.

Consider adding these attractive features to your application.

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