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Benefits Of Applying An Epoxy Floor Coating To Your Warehouse

Author: Robert Smith
by Robert Smith
Posted: Aug 07, 2014
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There are many types of warehouses in use in this country, each with its unique set of practices and need. Of the types of coatings available on the market, epoxy floor coating is the most popular for warehouse use. One of the reasons for this is the ability of epoxy to resist scuffing and skid marks that can occur from regular use of forklifts and other machinery. Warehouses tend to create harsh environments in which the floor gets the brunt of the impact. It is important to cover the concrete or tile floors beneath with the tough, resistant coating that will protect the floor and keep it looking professional.

Chemical Resistance

In many warehouses, chemicals are used that can cause severe damage to the flooring if it comes into direct contact. Acids and abrasives are of particular concern as they can quickly eat away at the surface of the floor, potentially with a single spill. Without a durable epoxy floor coating applied to the flooring of the warehouse, you could end up experiencing significant down time while repairs are made to the floor.

Application of the Epoxy Coating

There are a variety of epoxy coatings on the market and not all of them have the same requirements for application. Some require no mixing while others may have minimal mixing of ingredients. Some products also require you to let the mixture "set" for a period of time before the actual application. Be sure to apply according to the directions for the product you purchase to prevent yellowing from occurring. This includes the amount of time required for the product to cure after the application and between coats if more than one layer is being provided. Your goal is to get a floor that is clean, shiny and smooth to inspire employees and impress customers or visitors with your efforts at maintain the quality of your warehouse.

The glossy appearance of the floor after the epoxy floor coating is applied will improve the aesthetics of the floor dramatically. It will give your warehouse a more professional appeal while making it easier for you to maintain the attractive, durable finish. An Epoxy Floor Coating is a convenient way to turn any floor into one that is more practical and attractive.

There are also epoxies marking products that will enhance the safety of your warehouse and make it easy to be compliant. Durable marks and lines will let employees and clients both know where they should or should not be. These special paints are made for high visibility to ensure everyone in your warehouse is always their safest.

When it comes to your warehouse floor, the epoxy floor coating you choose must offer the highest quality and performance. Getting the right coating for your specific application and the environment that you work in will provide your floor with the longest possible life. Make sure that the product you choose is the one that will give you long-lasting results you will be proud of.

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