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Large Buddha Statues for Sale: Give a Spiritual Look to Your Garden

Author: Elina Smithh
by Elina Smithh
Posted: Aug 09, 2014

Buddha, child name Siddhartha, taught us how to get rid of sufferings in life and live happily with no cravings. If the life of Buddha inspires you to lead a simple life and motivates you to help those in need, a Buddha statue in your garden is a great fit. This will not only create tranquility and calmness in your garden but also add elegance, keeping you motivated to do good always.

According to Buddhism, desire is the main cause of all kind of sufferings. If people do not get what they want, this causes them to suffer. This is why Buddha emphasizes on the reducing cravings for material things. Look for large Buddha statues for sale in USA and place them in your garden because this will help you overcome desire. Also, it is believed that keeping the statues in home, office or garden brings good fortune and abolishes any mishap likely to occur with you or your family.

The prime objective of Buddha statues is to provide the sense of calm feelings reflecting ones proper mental disciplines and instill in them the power to have control over the negative emotions of fear and greed. However, Buddha statues also serve an important role in conveying teachings, particularly in traditional societies with low literacy rates.

Most home owners use their garden for meditation. If you want to turn your garden into a good meditation place, lotus Buddha statue will, of course work. The lord Buddha used to meditate sitting in this position. In the position, feet are crossed and placed on each other, with both hands gently touching both knees. This is the position widely practiced to keep balance between body and mind. However, there are more varieties of garden Buddha statues for sale that can be perfect for garden of your home, church, or office lawn.

The lord Buddha, the apostle of peace and fraternity showed the reasons of sorrow and how to get rid of sufferings and sorrow through spiritual practices. Installing Buddha statues in garden provides tranquility and calmness. They come in various positions including the statues with the right hand raised in abhayamudra- the gesture of dispelling fear. These statues symbolize protection and peace in one’s home or garden. Similarly, large Buddha garden statues for sale called the earth to witness are represented by Buddha’s right hand touching the ground in a position that signifies the firm belief and resolution.

Meditating sitting amid variety of Buddha statues in different positions feels like the god himself has come to shower blessings on you. Also this creates positive energy in you when you go for a morning walk in your garden. In short, placing Buddha statues in your garden not only adorn the garden but also create a serene and quite environment.

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