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What Add Incredible Flavor to the Finest Bourbon?

Author: Jitendra Sharma
by Jitendra Sharma
Posted: Mar 08, 2020
bourbon whiskey

Very few things can match the powerful tasting experience of America’s premium branded Bourbon whiskey. Crafted exquisitely by master distillers, the best bourbon whiskey suits palettes of many and offer them incredible tasting delight.

Bourbon Whiskey contains at least 51% corn and the rest as malted barley, rye or wheat as other cereals. The U.S produced whiskey should not exceed 80 percent alcohol by volume (160 proof) from a fermented mash. It should be stored at not more than 62.5 percent alcohol by volume (125 proof) in charred new oak containers. This most popular whiskey comes in different mouthwatering tasting notes.

What are the essential factors that determine the taste of Bourbon American Whiskey?

Read this blog to find out those important factors that render the most desirable flavor to the whiskey.

  • Its Mash Bill: Besides water and yeast strain, the mash is one of the most essential building blocks of flavor. All bourbon must have at least 51% corn. Distillers can experiment using different percentages of corn and grains for different flavor profiles. The sweet flavor is attributed to corn while rye adds bitter and hot taste to the whiskey.
  • Yeast Strain for Fermentation: Yeast converts sugar into alcohol through the fermentation process. Selecting a suitable strain of yeast plays a prominent role in imparting a specific kind of flavor. However, many distillers keep it as a closely guarded secret. Distillers can use single strain or multiple strains as per their requirements and preferences.
  • Char Level and Type of Wood Used: Char level indicates the degree to which a distiller chars the fresh white American Oak barrel for storage of spirit kept for maturation. The char level makes a strong impact on the four important components of wood- Hemicellulose, Lignin, Tannins, and Oak Lactones. Charring level that ranges from 1-4 allows the Bourbon to get deeper into the wood as it breathes. This helps in mixing wooden flavor with the whiskey and Charcoal also helps filter the spirit as it ages.
  • Climate Where Aging Warehouse Is Present: Fluctuations in temperature and pressure in the coastal regions render specific taste and aroma to the aging whiskey. The flow of whiskey in and out of the wood is affected by extreme temperature changes. Spirits placed in hotter barrels tend to age faster than a cooler barrel. Hence, people may experience a different taste of two ‘10-years’ bourbons that may be due to the storage places with varying climatic conditions.

Besides these, water, as well as the process and equipment used in the distillation process, also have a major influence on the flavor of bourbon or any other spirit. With a variety of Bourbon brands available in the market, you can easily purchase online or offline from the leading suppliers. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and purchase straight bourbon whiskey, award-winning bourbon whiskey, single barrel or High-rye whiskey as per your preference from a leading supplier.

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