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Understanding Text Description and Examples

Author: Danu Aji
by Danu Aji
Posted: Mar 08, 2020
text description

Definition of Description Text

As has been said before, Text Description is the activity of describing something or someone in written form. There are several definitions of text description according to experts which will be summarized as below:

Keraf defines the description text as a text in which the writer tries to present an object as a topic of conversation, where the writer tries to make the reader as if he sees the object he is telling.

Meanwhile, Tarigan defines that the description text is writing that can describe a story in which the story aims to invite the reader to understand and enjoy the object being told.

Example Text Description

Example Text Description Mountain

Mount Sibayak

Sibayak is one of the mountains in North Sumatra, precisely in Karo District. In the Karo region itself, this mountain is often referred to as Mount Raja. The view on the mountain is extraordinary. Having an altitude of about 2,172 km above sea level makes the scenery on this mountain more beautiful.

The mountain is still beautiful with many trees that will accompany the climbers to the summit. The most famous peak on the mountain which is the mainstay of tourism in Karo Regency is the Peak of the Takal Kuda or means Horse Head. Panoramas that can be seen at this peak are numerous, from the slick views of the city of Berastagi to the view of Mount Sinabung which is located not so far away.

At this peak there are many large rocks that are usually often used as objects for photographers to climb. Usually climbers will sit on the top of the rock and take a pose there. The view of the sunrise is also extraordinary. With a clear blue sky and a golden yellow light that slowly appears in the eastern horizon it will make you tired because it disappears instantly.

The atmosphere on Mount Sibayak is also almost the same as other mountains, which are windy and have cold temperatures. So it is advisable to wear a thick jacket and scarf. Even so, if the weather is clear and it gets too late, the temperature on the mountain can turn warm.

Example School Description Text

SMA Negeri 1 Simpang Empat

In the past, I went to SMA Negeri 1 Simpang Empat. This high school is the only state high school in my district. So, to enter here, we have enough struggle.

Like high school, we also have a cool abbreviation for this dear school. The abbreviation is SMANISE and we often joke that the students are really sweet.

This school is located on Jalan Benteng, so that people are also known as Benteng Market School or pasben school. Total classes in this school are 18 classes. Divided into 6 classes for 10 classes, 3 classes for 11 science classes, 3 classes for 11 IPS, 3 classes for 12 science, and 3 classes for 12 IPS.

In addition to 18 classrooms, this school also has 2 laboratories, namely a computer laboratory and a science laboratory. The science laboratory is located close to the school library. Then, we also have UKS which is located next to the multimedia room. This multimedia room that we normally use as the student council meeting room, because our student council does not have its own room.

Between the science laboratory and the library, there are two more warehouse rooms. This warehouse is crowded with used chairs, CPU, and broken Monitor. Then between classes X-5 and X-6 there is a special class room for those who are Christians. Oh, yes, here there are usually only 2 religious adherents who go to school, namely Islam and Christianity. Rarely are there Hindus or Buddhists.

Then, our school also has one green musholla and is currently in the process of renovation. The mosque is located between X-4 and X-5. Usually when dzuhur, musholla will be full. In fact, sometimes students will line up to perform midday prayers there.

Our bathroom is located behind the Science Laboratory room and the canteen is located behind the X-2 classroom. The form of the canteen extends to the side and is always crowded when the break time. But, if we don't want to eat heavy food, we usually go to the school cooperative.

The school cooperative sells stationery and some snacks that are suitable for students who like snacking. This cooperative is located between 12 Science 3 and 12 IPS 1. The school cooperative is not as busy as the canteen, but it is busy enough to make me queue up to get as elastic as fried food.

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