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Understanding Theater Arts and Examples

Author: Danu Aji
by Danu Aji
Posted: Mar 08, 2020
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Understanding Theater Arts

Theater art is art that can only be enjoyed only when a performance is in progress. The beauty that is enjoyed from the theater includes visual and audio beauty, in contrast to visual arts which are only visually beautiful or music that is only audio beautiful.

For the understanding of theater art in a broad perspective, theater can mean as a role performance performed by the actor without owning / reading the script. So, all scenes performed by the actors are done with full improvisation.Theater art in a narrower perspective is a stage performance where all the players and storylines have been set up with a script.

Nobody knows how the origin of theater art. What is clear, some experts make several theories about the origin of theater art, some of which are:

Starting from a primitive religious ceremony, which allegedly in the ceremony there is a play that must be played. Although his religion does not exist anymore, but theatrical elements are still displayed.Starting from singing for the hero or meritorious person who has died and then the ritual of the song develops into theaterStarting with storytelling activities that developed into theater.

However, in fact, the oldest theater script is a manuscript written by an ancient Egyptian priest, I Kher-nefert in 2000 BC. This manuscript is also known as the Abidos script.

Abidos itself is the name of a city where a ritual theater where the manuscript was found. This text itself tells about the battle between good gods and bad gods. Many experts believe that this theater has actually been played since 5000 BC, but it was only written in 2000 BC.

This is deduced from the picture in an ancient grave relief that is similar to the Abidos script storyline.

The following is a review of theatrical arts.

History of World Theater Arts and Its CharacteristicsThe development of theater arts is actually quite significant. The history of world theater itself is divided into several phases, namely:

Classical Greek TheaterClassical Roman TheaterMedieval TheaterReanissance18th Century TheaterEarly 19th Century Theater20th Century Theater

History of Indonesian Theater and Its CharacteristicsAs for the history of Indonesian theater, it is further divided into:

Traditional TheaterTransition TheaterIndonesian Theater of the 1940sContemporary Theater1. History of Traditional TheaterTraditional theater in Indonesia began in the Hindu kingdom. The book Knowing Traditional Indonesian Theater written by Kasim Ahmad said that theater at that time was to support religious rituals.

But at that time, what developed was not a complete theater, but another form of art that contained elements of theater. Examples of arts that contain elements of theater and become the forerunner to theater in the future is the art of wayang kulit.

2. Theater of the TransitionThe most striking feature of transitional theater is the written script. However, at that time the manuscript written was still in the form of an outline story. But, the show has begun to use the stage and decoration.

Theater at this time is still influenced by theater techniques from the west. Especially from the Netherlands who at that time colonized Indonesia.

Earlier, in this transition phase they did not yet know the term theater. Every show that they do is always called a charade.

  1. Indonesian Theater of the 1940sAt this time the struggle to establish an Indonesian theater was somewhat hampered by the Japanese invasion of Indonesia. But people have started to recognize modern theater. Theaters which were supported at that time were famous theaters and were given new story scripts for the sake of Japanese propaganda.
  2. Indonesian Contemporary TheaterContemporary Indonesian artists emerged because of the exponents of 70 theater arts. This period began in the 1940s where new styles and new innovations in the world of theater began to emerge in Indonesia.

Examples and Clippings of Theater ArtsThere are some well-known theaters in Indonesia and were founded by several prominent writers in Indonesia. Some of them are

Rendra Theater WorkshopPopular Theater PerformancesComa TheaterSurabaya Young Workshop

So, the development of theater arts in Indonesia and in the world has a slightly different development. In Indonesia itself, theatrical arts began to develop in the days of the Hindu kingdom and the Dutch colonialism, while in the world it began since BC.

That's some knowledge about the History, Examples, Characteristics, Types, Concepts, Clippings, and elements in theater. Theater itself is often staged on the stages, even in the latest developments, there is also a street theater that can be enjoyed on the roadside.

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