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Author: Danu Aji
by Danu Aji
Posted: Mar 08, 2020
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Talking about art will be an endless story. The reason, Art has a variety of categories that have been divided by type, type, form, shape, and others. Art is a necessity of life so that humans feel happier.

Without realizing it, the presence of art has often been found around our environment. The presence of art makes life in the world more beautiful and colorful. Many people are happy with the shape and form of art.

However, the amount of diversity created by art makes each person have an assessment and view of the art. So that the assessment made by each person will be different based on interests and criteria possessed by each individual. The following is a complete explanation of art, from understanding, to various kinds of art along with examples.

Definition of Art

In language, art comes from the Sanskrit word "Sani" which means worship or offerings. While in general art is a work of creativity that is beautifully made to describe the expression of every human being in his life. Art is also able to bring a pleasant impression for people who understand when they see it.

In Dutch, art is also called "Genie" which is genius which means that art is the creation of someone who has had talent since birth. In the teaching of European science that art (art) is the media used to carry out a particular activity.

Understanding Art According to Experts

Art has its own understanding and judgment. Seen in the way he appreciates, sees and feels art. Likewise with these famous experts, who have diverse opinions about the definition of art, including the following

  1. Akhdiat KartamiharjaAccording to Akhdiat Kartamiharja, he argues that art is a psychological (spiritual) activity of human beings that reflects reality (reality). Because the form and content of the work has the power to arouse and arouse certain experiences in the psychic nature of the connoisseur or appreciator.
  2. PadmapusphitaPadmapusphita said that the definition of Art originated from the Dutch language "genie", the Latin word "genius", which means the extraordinary abilities possessed or carried from birth. Meanwhile, according to scientific studies in European countries, it says "ART" or meaningful visual art that is a media that can carry out a certain activity.
  3. Ki Hajar DewantaraIn the opinion of Ki Hajar Dewantara who stated that art is the result of beauty that can move one's feelings about beauty for those who see it. Therefore, human actions can influence the growth of beautiful feelings that is art.
  4. Prof. Drs. Suwaji BastomiBased on Prof.'s opinion Drs. Suwaji Bastomi which states that Art is all inner activities with aesthetic experience that states in a great form and has the power to generate emotion and wonder.
  5. Drs. SudarmajiAccording to Drs. Sudarmaji, he argues that Art is all forms of inner manifestations & aesthetic experiences using various media such as various fields, textures, lines, textures, color volumes, etc. Art can also mean the expression of the creator's feelings conveyed to humans so they can feel what is felt by the painter or the creators of art.
  6. Harry SulastiantoHarry Sulastianto proposed cultural arts as an expertise in expressing various aesthetic ideas & thoughts, including in realizing all abilities & imaginations of objects and atmosphere, or works that can foster a sense of beauty so as to be able to create more advanced civilizations.
  7. Ahdian Karta MiharjaIn the opinion of Ahdian Karta Miharja, stating that art is all forms of spiritual activities that reflect reality in a work, where the form & contents have the power to arouse certain beauty in the soul of the audience.
  8. Dra. Nuning Y. Damayanti, Dipl.ArtDra. Nuning Y. Damayanti, Dipl.Art argues that art was originally a process of the human self, so that art is a synonym rather than science. Art can be seen through the essence of the expression of a variety of human creativity.
  9. Irma Damayanti, M.SnAccording to Irma Damayanti, M.Sn who believes that art can be seen through the essence of expression of various human creatives. Art is indeed very difficult to express, explained also difficult to assess, that each individual artist chooses his own parameters that guide him in his work.
  10. Sartono KartodirdjoSartono Kartodirdjo argues that art is a coherent system, because it can carry out communication effectively, that is, through its part alone can show universally.

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