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Cute stationery gifts by Pepper and Cute

Author: Rod Merin
by Rod Merin
Posted: Mar 11, 2020

I found just by chance the Pepper and Cute diary last year.

I have to say that I'm the type of person that struggles to be organized and that's why I've been always having that as my main resolution at the beginning of each year.

I've tried using a diary/planner before, but always left it in the drawer after the first month! Yes, that's me, haha.

So last year I found this Pepper and Cute brand and I bought their 2019 diary. I love the type of cute stationery they do, so the diary totally caught me.

That's much more than a diary! It has all you need to be organized with plenty of sections, lists, etc. It has the cutest stickers ever! It comes with 5 sheet of stickers that are really funny and useful while using your diary.There are sections for money control, contacts, travel packing lists, tv series, books to read, bucket lists and many more. I use them all!

The diary design is really useful to motivate you to use it daily and, you know what? I used it all year long! And obviously I've bought now the 2020 version which is even better!!

If you like diaries and stationery but you never were able to use it the whole year, believe me, I've been there. But now I'm really more organized and I use my diary every single day! I've seen some people commenting on their social media about the high price of it (19.95 GBP) but I think it's not at all expensive. As I've said before, I've tried many other times buying other brands diaries and those are far more expensive and not useful or encouraging to me, so I literally spent that money for nothing!!I'm in love with the weekly funny and motivational quote with the illustration, it's the best way to start the week and set your goals and be tracking them easily during the week. The more I use it, the better I am being organized and achieving my goals. I can say this diary has really changed me and I'm so happy about it. :)Now I can't wait to see the new sections and surprises that the next year diary will bring. Not sure if the 2020 version can be improved, but I think these guys will do it!

I still haven't tried the rest of their products, but they have from notebooks and pens to phone cases and toiletry bags.

According to their website they will be launching new products soon so I'll keep an eye on them and I've subscribed to their newsletter. When subscribing to it, they automatically give you 10% discount code for your next purchases.

So I just wanted to recommend you stationery as a really useful option instead of buying unuseful things like Christmas presents. My husband now has an easy job to do every year!

Thanks, Pepper and Cute for being such a cute stationery shop!

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Author: Rod Merin

Rod Merin

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