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What are the different types of dredging that you must know about?

Author: Mohamed Fareed
by Mohamed Fareed
Posted: Mar 09, 2020
preventative dredgin

Dredging a lake is not a small job. It is a massive task that needs you to make sure that you get it right the first time. It is important for you to look at the different options you have, the costs of those options, and the services that can ensure you get the work done in time. You do not want huge costs, environmental damages, and cost overruns from a wrongly done dredging job. So, before you decide to get a lake dredged, it is important for you to know about the different types of dredging.

Preventative Dredging

Preventative dredging is the most common type of dredge used for ports and shipping channels. These are the places that need dredging before the issue goes from bad to worse. Removal of foreign materials on a daily basis makes sure that water depth is good enough for large ships. It is important to not wait for noticing the problem and then starting to dredge. You should start here if you are trying to be proactive with your dredging work.

Restoration Dredging

Restoration dredging starts after the damage is done to quite some extent. Think of those lakes that do not get dredged for hundreds of years. It is the kind of dredging that you need when you start noticing that the lake does not even look like a lake any longer. This is where you need to start if the shorelines are getting eroded constantly, and there are invasive plants growing all over the place.

Contamination Dredging

You cannot have a worse problem than this one. It signifies that a lot of damage is already underway. You will commonly see this in lakes and ponds that have experienced a spill, or there is metal accumulation on the bottom of the lake due to boat traffic. You will have to select the right kind of dredging tools to make sure that the contaminants do not get spread farther. Re-suspension is a significant component in this regard, and you need to get it done without losing any more time.

Depth Dredging

You might need a lake with more depth for boating or to support the fish stock in a better way. Dredging for getting more depth is one of the most common reasons why you need to go for this type. In fact, depth dredging is more common in most places than you might have guessed. There are many lake dredging services that carry out this work.

Many companies offer lake dredging services. The important thing is to choose the right company among these multiple options. You need to research well to select the right company.

Be that as it may, more is expected to appropriately treat and forestall residue development than oxygen. Some lake aerators can likewise make a violent blending activity inside the water section. This blending is significant on the grounds that it works up existing dregs and pushes it into the water section where it is then separated by breaking down microbes. This procedure not exclusively can diminish the measure of residue present in your lake, however it will likewise keep it from returning with the goal that lake digging will never be required ever again.

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