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How do we shorten time to performance?

Author: Smart Admin
by Smart Admin
Posted: Mar 14, 2020
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By using strategic on boarding we can get 77% of new hires to hit their first performance goals within the formal training. So every job role takes some amount of time frame to achieve the proficiency in the required job skill which performs consistently which is referred as "Time to Proficiency" (TTP). Instant growth in time-to-proficiency translates to Best Payroll, productivity and the gains in time to market. Accelerated proficiency results to higher level of proficiency in minimal time. Accelerated proficiency can be defined in three types:

  • Rapid Training- the idea is to train the individuals to maintain some minimal level of proficiency at a rate faster than the traditional training
  • Accelerated Learning is also referred to as idea of getting individuals to gain high level of proficiency which leads to faster than ordinary
  • Once trained with accelerated learning, stabilize to that level of skill should be maintained

Acceleration Methods:

Rapid training and proficiency training can be done through the use of simulations, computer games and immersions all of them are improved through application intelligent tutoring and artificial intelligence capabilities.

Accelerated proficiency can be gained by Timesheet, use of case-based instructions, and realistic case based instructions by focusing on the errors.

The 5 P’s stages of the Accelerated learning are as follows:

1. Preparation:

Always adopt the positive and resourceful state of mind which will impact on learners mind, emotions and physical state positively. It may be by means like use of white board, covering walls with posters which will act as a tool for subconscious learning.

2. Practice:

Under this process learners practice the information they had collected through the hands on experience, working on small project.


It will provide you the test knowledge on the thing you learned

  • Cognitive test – It is to check either the participant is able to recall the information from the training session.
  • Computer Skill- the purpose is to know participant has learned the required Computer skill to a job?
  • On-the-job performance- It is accounted after the completion of the one month of training which evaluates effective rate of the training

4.Polish and Perfect:

The final stage is to review entire learning process of Accelerated learning. Know the best way of learning on process which needs practice and revision.

Smart Admin has multiple features to implement timesheet in an organization. The log in and log out option records entry and exit of employee accurately.

The inbuilt features of Smart Admin depict the overall picture of the pattern of spending hours of each employee. The multiple data points generated can be channelized to assess performance and implement correction in managing process and people.

Is it good to keep timesheet for employees? The implementation of timesheet management is to be decided by the nature of the job. One among the good indicators for the need to implement timesheet is that if the job function necessitates the availability of office network to employees throughout their job function. If so, it can be implemented with full control features as given in Smart admin. If the employees are micro managed and there are enough supervisors to monitor their activities then it is not needed. The time sheet as designed in Smart Admin helps those employees who are given tasks based on objectives.


So here you will be able to find the ways and different strategies to minimize the time spent on task to increase the performance. And will also provide you the factors on which the employees should be focused.

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