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Bring The Best To Your Commercial Space With Proper Air Conditioning

Author: Simon Hopes
by Simon Hopes
Posted: Mar 11, 2020
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Commercial air conditioning systems are very important to your business. Having your customers and staff comfortable, especially in hot environments, is important to running a business well. But there is a lot to consider when it comes to commercial building air conditioners. They are very different to residential air conditioning. They have to be more reliable and they can be very different depending on the size and structure of the building. Consider these facts about commercial air conditioning.

Residential Versus Commercial

The differences between residential and commercial setups are massive. A commercial system typically has to be larger and more efficient. It has to be set up differently so that the system doesn't make a bunch of noise. Another big difference is that residential setups are easier to set up and less expensive. If you really wanted to you could easily throw a window air conditioner in your home and it would work. You couldn't get away with that in your business. Along with that, a commercial air conditioning system is going to be more expensive to run and maintain. Your monthly costs of a commercial system are going to be more expensive monthly. This is just because typically commercial spaces are larger and are cooled much more inefficiently.

A Reliable System

It is crucial that a commercial system is highly reliable. Unlike a residential cooling system, it can cost you a lot of money and time to have to go without air conditioning only for a day. For example, most restaurants cannot operate during summer without air conditioning. It would be uncomfortable for the customers and unsafe for the food temperatures. Just one day of no air conditioning can cost lots. This is why its crucial that a commercial air conditioning system is reliable.

A Correctly Sized System

There are many different types of systems available on the market. The size of the system that you need depends on the size of the space you are attempting to cool. If you have too small of air conditioning system then your space will not be conditioned very well. If you have too large of the system then it will be super inefficient and cost you more on maintenance and monthly costs than needed. Speak with your DFW air conditioning contractor to find the perfect sized air conditioner for your space.

The Location of the System

The system location is super important in a commercial set up. There is ductwork that transfers the cool air throughout the commercial set up. But there is also a large motor and point where the cool air comes from. Often it is somewhat noisy and large and clunky. So it is important to have a location set aside to house that so that you don't have the noise or ugliness around customers.

Your Climate

Obviously, if you live in Antarctica you probably aren't going to need an air conditioning system. But if you’re in Las Vegas you’re going to want a good one. So the climate that you are living in can make a big difference. But also consider the time of year. If you are installing an air conditioner in winter, then be sure that the air conditioner is going to be big enough and functional enough to make it even in the hottest part of the summer. Speak with your DFW air conditioning contractor to find the perfect set up for your climate.


Air conditioning in commercial spaces is much different than residential setups. There are a lot of other factors to be considered. You can make your residential space the place to be by having a good air conditioning system. Consider the different styles and sizes of commercial air conditioning systems.

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