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Cork Floor: An Unbeatable Flooring Option

Author: Aime Wolf
by Aime Wolf
Posted: Aug 10, 2014

No matter how costly and stylish your current flooring is. If you are not satisfied or happy walking on it, your house’s aesthetic values can depreciate dramatically. Therefore, if you are thinking to install a new floor, it is advised to consider looking at cork floor option. They are developed from renewable resource making them durable, eco-friendly and yet a stylish unit. In addition, cork flooring is designed with insect resistant and anti-allergenic components that make them healthy for the entire family members as well as the environment. Moreover, they can sustain for long only by following a simple methodology. Here is a list of a few more advantages of installing cork floors:

  • Cork floor come with cushioning qualities that enable them to act as a barrier to unwanted sounds such as foot traffic. And this is why it is often referred to as a perfect unit for multi-family usage.
  • Additionally, its cushioning effect makes it a comfortable platform to walk on.
  • Also, it has natural shock absorbent characteristics. Moreover, as it is very soft in nature it is an amazing flooring option for children’s room as well.
  • Plus, it is very tough and therefore last for long and can be cleaned easily. Regular vacuuming and mopping with water, without any chemical usage, is what required for its maintenance.
  • Above all, it is a very attractive unit and is available in various shades. The differentiation in colour is made possible by either shortening or lengthening the baking time while manufacturing.

However, when it comes to the cost of installing cork flooring, you will be over-whelmed to know that each of them is reasonably priced. The price charged varies between the materials used, though the plank type and the cork’s finish determine the final cost. As cork mainly needs floating floor installation, anyone can easily install them. Well, if you do not have much time to invest on this, you may consider taking a professional’s help. There are many companies who not only supply cork type flooring but also ensure to install them.

As mentioned earlier, cork floor is eco-friendly, now how is that possible? Cork is taken from an oak tree, whose bark is harvested once in a decade for producing wine bottle corks. Now, after the manufacturers have made the corks, the left over scraps are processed and baked inside the kilns to create flooring. In short, this flooring type is eco-friendly because of its source and the way it is harvested.

Cork floors other than being attractive, durable and extremely comfortable to walk on is also fairly priced. No wonder which is why more number of home owners is opting for this option. However, today they have managed to make a prominent place in offices as well. If your carpet had matted down and your present hardwood floor is full of dents, it is probably the right time for you to install a long lasting, stylish and unique floor. And here comes cork flooring to rescue.

Want to install cork floor? Contact us for installation of cork flooring at reasonable prices.

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