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5 Potential Ways To Boost Your Social Media Reach Organically

Author: Rupa Chaks
by Rupa Chaks
Posted: Mar 17, 2020

Well, as I am observing different social media pages for quite some time now. What I found in especially on Facebook, the organic reach is almost dead. Yet, if we talk about the other social sites there also companies are struggling to boost their organic reach.

It may seem that growing organically is very difficult on social media. But rest assured that's definitely not impossible. As there are certain practices out there to follow when it comes to boosting your organic reach:

So, quickly let us have a look at them -

#1. Know the right marketing practices in the right place

Now, in today's time, it is extremely important that we focus on the right marketing activities. What I mean here is, most social media marketers especially beginners tend to think that they need to be present on each and every possible social media site for their audiences?

I mean like really, okay answer me one thing. For instance, I am very active on LinkedIn for the sake of my audiences. But later I found that my audiences were never on LinkedIn but the were active on Instagram. Now, this is working hard without using your brain. And in order to boost your organic ranking, this is something you must not do.

#2. Optimize your social media profiles

No matter what site for your business you are currently using. You must always optimize your sites for better visibility. Now, when I am talking about optimization I mean your page must have -

A recognizable username and explained bio (so that your audiences can know you better), similar profile or cover picture (never use different logos on different sites), descriptions with your keywords on that, a working link of your website.

#3. Be consistent with your social media marketing efforts

Now, if you are thinking that you will be consistent when your community grows. This mindset will never take you anywhere. You need to be consistent with your social media efforts which means posting various contents regularly at the right time.

Ads on sites like Facebook or Instagram is less expensive as well. You can easily boost your specific posts on sites like Facebook or Instagram to get more reach.

#4. Interact with your audiences

As social media marketers, you must do this every time. Remember, social sites were first created for human interactions and not marketing purposes.

If you don't interact with your audiences sooner or later you will be surely ignored by your audiences and you will not be able to boost your reach.

Make sure that you reply to the queries of your audiences on time. Interact with them. And appreciate them when they comment on your post. This is actually the secret of building loyal followers on social sites.

#5. Know when to post promotional contents

I already said this in the previous section as well. Social sites were first created for human interactions. So, if you just promote yourself and your business on social media. Then, you are already in trouble.

As soon as you will notice that your audience list is dropping low. Never promote yourself extremely as it will annoy your audiences. Keep a healthy ratio of 20/80 which means promote yourself 20 percent and the rest 80 percent provide value.


These are the five potential ways for you to boosting your social media reach organically. These steps are very helpful. And for a beginner, I would surely recommend you to follow the steps above. For more insights regarding the digital marketing industry, I would recommend you to visit the best digital marketing course in Delhi

About the Author

My name is Rupa Chaks. I am a content writer and social media strategist. I love writing :)

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