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A Complete Guide to Cyber Safety While Dealing with Wi-Fi Routers

Author: Gryphon Online Safety
by Gryphon Online Safety
Posted: Mar 19, 2020

Every generation comes with its own set of challenges. And if you are a parent to GenZ kids, then the difficulty is doubled. Cyber Security is the modern age challenge that has parents running around in their toes. However, you cannot live without the internet today. Your life revolves around the web, be it your job or maintaining your family relations, and you cannot imagine a day without the internet. You can call that as a necessity rather than a luxury. So instead of taking extreme decisions like, you are not going to use smartphones or any modern gadgets, let us strategize techniques to have control over its usages. All it requires is specific mechanisms on your devices and a lot of self-discipline.

Well, we do have many mechanisms that protect from cyber threats. Parental control on wi-fi routers are one of many ways for safe and secure browsing. Not only does it provide multiple device access to the internet, but it also has remarkable parental control features too. Let us explore the various cyber threats you are facing as a parent and how effectively the parental control features can be implemented.

Where do we lack…

Despite abundant information, parents often lack awareness about the importance of cyber safety. Why does this happen? On a serious note, you are a part of the first generation of digitally literate individuals who is still in awe of the advantages of the cyber world that makes you often ignore the threats it brings along. Neither is you provided with any guidebooks or instructions to follow, making the whole scenario even more complicated.

Research by some of the leading brands has revealed that modern parents are aware of the cyber security issues and know that their kids need to be protected from those but are unaware of how to implement that. In spite of many anti-virus and security measures from the popular brands available in the market, only a few parents are willing to install it. Thus, it has become essential to create awareness among people about cyber threats and ways to ensure cyber safety.

What are the various cyber safety issues...

1. Increased screen time

It is sad to note that the parents are knowingly providing all the means of internet accessibilities to their kids, resulting in the increased rates of childhood obesity and the related health issues. It has been estimated that an average teenager spends almost more than 4 hours a week in front of the screen, excluding the unrecorded time spend on their smartphones. Isn’t that an addiction? Will the increased screen time affect the overall mental health too? The answer to this is a big Yes!!

Investing in a great parental control on modem or router can be the right solution for your concern. Modern Wi-Fi routers have features like scheduling time for internet access to specific devices and even pausing access to the internet for a period. This feature helps in reducing your kid’s screen time immensely and encourage the parents as well as kids, to spend time together.

2. Cyber bullying

One of the most devastating threats to the safety of kids, Cyber bullying cases has been steadily on the rise lately. The surging exposure of kids to social media and the inability to manage stressful situations are causing extensive psychological trauma to young adults. Cyber bullying is indeed a serious threat to the kid’s safety.

Cyber bullying is a very sensitive concern. The kids must be made aware of the drawbacks of consuming social media information and should be alerted about the dangers involved in it. Advise the kids to have strong passwords to prevent hacking of devices. Enabling two-factor authentication on gadgets as well as accounts can ensure high security. To prevent the kid’s access to social Media or related content, you can even plan to install a parental control on modem or router that is effective in blocking sites or applications on specific devices.

3. Gaming

There are worrisome reports stating kids, especially teenagers, are becoming overly addicted to gaming, leading to increased screen time as well as involuntary exposure to violent and inappropriate content.

A good parental control on wi-fi router could be a possible solution for gaming concerns. Not only the parental control modem routers schedule the timings for specific devices, but it also features the ability to keep in the bay the appropriate contents.

Moreover, researching only the products that have good reviews on the security standards will provide insights about the security records of accomplishment of the brand. Likewise, selecting products that do frequent updates is an essential condition because it prevents vulnerabilities and bugs. Opting for the parental control Wi-Fi router is also the best and reliable solution to cyber threats. You have a plethora of options available, and it only requires a little time to decide on the best one after all your kid’s safety is prime.

About the Author

Mark Jepson is an IT Engineer and his recent presentation about having parental control on computer has made many parents think about having parental control router settings enabled on their computing devices.

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