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7 of the best window blinds to choose for your home

Author: Verticare Verticare
by Verticare Verticare
Posted: Mar 20, 2020

Blinds are a homeowner’s best friend. They help to regulate the light coming in your windows from the outdoors, provide privacy, and style to your living and dining rooms, study or office, kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms. There are many different types of blinds to choose from, so trying to decide which window blind is the best option for your home can be a time consuming exercise.

So, we’re going to make it a bit easier for you when it comes to your search for the best modern blinds on the Gold Coast and how to choose the perfect blind for your living space.

1. Vertical blinds

Known for their versatility, vertical blinds are modern treatments for your windows that provide a sleek, practical design in areas where you have wide windows, bi-fold and sliding glass doors, or an entrance to the outdoor area of your home.

Vertical blinds have been around since the 1950’s, but this classic treatment for your windows and sliding doors has evolved over the years. You use to be limited in choice of fabric and colours, but thanks to the technological changes that blinds have gone through over the years, vertical blinds are now available in flat plastic (PVC), fabric, faux wood materials, embossed PVC, wood, and metal, to name a few, as well as a variety of patterns, hues, and textures that will add vibrancy to your interior designs.

Vertical blinds have remained a popular choice because of their affordability and simple functionality and are one of the solutions to cover both large windows and sliding doors. They offer utmost privacy and filter light when rotated at an angle. Before installing vertical blinds in your home, a good design tip is to choose a similar colour to the window trim in the room.

2. Holland blinds

If you’re looking for a more sophisticated style in your room design, holland blinds are a great choice. Aside from being simple to use and practical for everyday use, they are among the best blind options when it comes to privacy and control of the light coming into your living rooms.

These blinds also come in a variety of decorative fabrics and colours, as well as blockouts, sun screens and translucent lining options. To use these blinds, you simply roll them up or down thanks to its easy to operate lifting mechanism. Simple yet elegant, these blinds are a great choice for bedrooms, allowing you to sleep comfortably with minimal light coming through.

Great features include:

  • Holland blinds offer minimal window obstruction when raised, which maximises the daylight and your outside view.• They are great for reducing glare and heat during hot summer months, especially in cities like the Gold Coast.• If you choose a fabric with sunscreen protection, then these blinds provide effective UV protection for your furniture and floors.• You can choose between chain, cordless, day night or automated remote control operation.

So, not only will holland blinds give your home a stylish look but also provide you with a practical blind solution in terms of flexibility, durability and ease of operation - making this choice a win win.

3. Venetian blinds

Classic and timeless, there is a venetian blind for every room in your home. No matter the style of your living space, you can choose from a variety of colours, materials and textures including aluminium, timber or PVC. This attractive blind choice is also easy-to-install, and cost-effective, plus easy to clean.

This classic window covering never goes out of style. If you’re looking for a slimline look for your living spaces, then look at the aluminium options. With the aluminium, you’ll get a stylish and contemporary design that does not compromise on the strength of your blind when installed.

Another popular choice is wood, because you combine the functionality of the blind with the warmth and texture of wood, not to mention they are also highly adaptable to just about any interior design or decors. Types of wood blinds range from bamboo, oak, cherry and maple options. Once considered to be out of many people’s price range, wooden venetian blinds have become more cost-effective. Talk to Verticare blinds about made-to-order wooden blinds that are sure to turn your windows into a real fashion statement.

You can also find these blinds with fauxwood, PVC or plastic options. These modern blinds on the Gold Coast are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens.

As well as providing you with full privacy, venetian blinds give you the ability to control the light levels in your rooms. Simply, angle the blades anywhere from fully open to fully closed and if you want maximum light into your living spaces and to bring the outside in, then just draw the blinds completely up and let the light stream through your window.

If you are a shopper on a budget, but still looking for contemporary style for your home, then venetian blinds are a great choice and you will be spoilt for options when choosing a colour that fits in with your decor.

4. Timber blinds

Australian’s have a love affair with wood in their homes and in particular with timber blinds. They look like a million bucks, when combined with timber wooden floors and other timber furniture, providing the feeling of warmth and homeliness everytime you walk through the front door.

Timber venetian blinds come in a variety of wood options including natural timber, traditional stains, modern painted colours, such as beige, chocolate and white, as well as the still very popular and the original western red cedar. They enhance the look of any environment and come in wider slats, usually 50mm wide. Timber blinds also come with matching componentry and fascia's and are very easy to operate.

5. Veri-shade blinds

Veri shade blinds combine the versatility of a vertical blind with the elegant appeal of soft window furnishings, offering you the best of both worlds for your window treatments.

They are easy to adjust, giving you complete control on the amount of light you let into your rooms, as well as offering complete privacy. Available in the softest of fabrics, one side of the Veri-shade panel features translucent mesh fabric, while the other side is opaque to offer more light control.

Simply configure the wand to let light filter through the sheer area, and turn it the other way around to limit light coming through for more privacy. These blinds also offer the right amount of ventilation, since you can partially open these blinds or draw them completely into your tracking system, as you would do for curtains.

The materials used in the veri shade blinds are 100 percent fabric that’s resistant against fading and soiling. You can also easily detach them from the tracking system when you want to clean them. Another great feature, is they offer 50 plus UV protection, which is great for Australia’s climate.

If you want to have window coverings midway between vertical blinds and curtains, this is the ideal blind for you. The fabric hangs like a curtain but works like a blind. You’ll find them in many different colours, shades, and styles, including neutral tones that blend in with monochrome.

Get these innovative window coverings at Verticare Blinds Gold Coast today.

6. Roman blinds

Add a designer feel to your home, with roman blinds. They lie flat against your window and are generally offered in softer fabrics. Because of this, these blinds are a great choice for rooms that attract dampness, such as bathrooms.

If you install your roman blinds a little higher than your window, they can create the illusion of space and will extend the feel of your room by giving the impression of floor to ceiling windows. Roman blinds will also make smaller windows appear larger.

Roman blinds come in a variety of fabrics and many fantastic colours to choose from. There are two options when choosing roman blinds for your home, first is with a cord or chain for controlling and adjusting the blinds with ease. The second is cordless, which is a great option for families, because of the child safety option of these blinds.

This stylish blind stacks up evenly to allow light into your home and are also a great option to block out the light from entering your home.

7. Panel glide blinds

Panel glide blinds are a versatile and elegant shade option for large windows, bi fold doors and sliding doors. Considered to be a modern day version of vertical blinds, the wide panels of panel glide blinds offer a more contemporary feel to the living spaces in your home.

Easily opened or drawn back by wand control, the panel glides can be stacked past a doorway or large window to provide full viewing access to the world outside, allowing plenty of natural light into your home.

Panel glide blinds can work well in any room of your home, however they will appear more striking in open space environments.

When it comes to choosing a colour, it’s probably easier to ask yourself ‘what colours aren’t available’? From neutral tones to vibrant colours, textures and patterns, this stylish blind choice is a must-have in many Gold Coast homes.

Take the stress out of choosing the right blind for your home

Blinds are a great way to add style, control the light and set the mood, as well as maintain privacy in your home. But choosing the right blind for your requirements can be a daunting task, because there are so many options to choose from.

To help you find the perfect modern blinds on the Gold Coast for your home, talk to Verticare Blinds, who have been helping homeowners for over 22 years.

No longer is choosing the right window treatment difficult. From venetian to holland blinds, roman and panel blinds, as well as new innovations such as veri shade blinds, Verticare has got your covered. For a free in-home quote call Verticare on 0415 147 540 or email

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