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5 Powerful Advantages of traditional vs digital marketing

Author: Rupa Chaks
by Rupa Chaks
Posted: Mar 22, 2020

Today, more and more customers are shifting from traditional to digital space, isn't? A few years back when traditional marketing was there it was surely important, but today it is the time for digital marketing, and through digital marketing only. Today companies are generating more and more revenues for their businesses:

Today, a number of marketers feel that digital marketing is more helpful than traditional marketing. As it is easier to measure results over there. So, let's begin with the same:

1. Digital marketing strategies are cost-effective than traditional marketing:

Well, this is something you all agree to. Digital marketing strategies are more cost-effective than traditional marketing. Television or say radio Ads are very much costly. And not every business or entrepreneur can use the same. Whereas, when it comes to digital marketing there are a number of powerful strategies over there which are cost-effective or it requires no cost at all.

2. Instant Results

If I ask you all can I measure my results with traditional marketing? Then, the answer is certainly No. Traditional marketing results are not measurable and we certainly cannot guess if something is working in our favor or against us. It does not provide us with any analytics results to measure our results. Whereas, in digital marketing no matter which strategy we use. For instance, take the example of email marketing, social media or content marketing. The results are measurable for every strategy. There is no need for us to wait. We can track and measure our results every time. And then improve accordingly.

3. You cannot engage with your audiences in real-time

In today's time, customers are smart. And if your business is dealing with a certain thing. It is sure that there are a number of other businesses out there dealing with similar products and services just like you. So, in such a case a number of companies out there are dealing with difficulty when it comes to retaining customers.

In traditional marketing, you can never engage with your audiences in real-time not you will even know what they are liking or disliking about you. But this is possible with digital marketing, in every digital marketing strategy you can engage with your audiences.

4. Your marketing strategies are not troublesome

Traditional marketing is also regarded as outbound marketing. Where you interrupt your audiences every now and then with your marketing. And in reality, this behavior is really annoying. For instance, think of this you are rushing to go somewhere. But you are suddenly interrupted by a flyer or brochure. That is annoying, isn't? That is what traditional marketing does to you.

You are not aware of the preferences of your audience still you are annoying them. But in digital marketing that is never the case, in these strategies you know your customers inside out. And you only provide your potential customers with what they want.


So, as we can see that when it comes to businesses digital marketing is surely the winner here. The digital marketing industry provides everyone with a number of competitive advantages. Not only these traditional marketers are moving towards digital space as well. You can learn more about Traditional marketing and digital marketing at the

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My name is Rupa Chaks. I am a content writer and social media strategist. I love writing :)

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