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Split OLM files into Small Size - Instant Solution

Author: Kathy Anderson
by Kathy Anderson
Posted: Mar 26, 2020

Please help! I need to split OLM files into small size. As my Mac Outlook profile is running out of space, it takes a lot of time while accessing or downloading an attachment from the email. Moreover, creating archive OLM files is not a feasible solution every time, hence I am looking for a solution which will allow to divide large-sized OLM files into small parts. Please suggest some appropriate solution for the same.

The standard file format of Mac Outlook is OLM file. It consists of various data items such as emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, etc. Although, Mac Outlook provides the option to export the mailbox items in OLM format, however it stores all its data in OLK file format. In order to easily manage the data, there comes a need to split OLM files into small file sizes. With the help of this blog, now users can efficiently split oversized OLM files into small and manageable files.

Major Needs to Split OLM files into Small Size
  • When the size of the OLM file is exceeded beyond its limit, it leads to degraded Outlook performance
  • To prevent OLM file corruption, it is best suggested to divide oversized OLM files into small parts
  • When importing a large-sized OLM file into Mac Outlook, there are chances of data loss.
  • Best Solution to Split Mac OLM files into Small File Sizes

    As there is no manual solution available to split oversized OLM files, hence the only relevant and smart option is to opt trustworthy third-party tool. It is undoubtedly a challenging situation to find the result-oriented automated tool. To make the searching process easier, here we are going to introduce the finest yet proven tool i.e., SysTools OLM Splitter.

    Because of its wide-range of splitting options, it makes the best utility out of the various OLM splitter tools.

    So, let’s have a look on its mind-blowing features.

    Remarkable Features of Mac OLM Split Software
  • Effortlessly divide large-sized OLM files of more than 20 GB file size
  • Varied split options which includes Size, Date, Email ID and Folder
  • Using "Split by size" option, simply break OLM file minimum by 100 MB and maximum size by 20 GB
  • With "Divide by Date" option, efficiently split OLM files into small size via split by date and date range option
  • "Split by Email ID" allows to break OLM files for the email ID which which falls under section From, To, Cc, Bcc
  • Using "Split by Folder" option, one can easily divide all folders or selective folders by choosing the respective options for the same.
  • How Does the Tool Operate to Split OLM Files into Small Parts?
  • To begin with, download and launch the software to split large-sized OLM files
  • Using "Add File" option, upload the OLM file and choose the desired split option from the software panel
  • With "Split by Size" option, mention the size in the provided field. This include minimum by 100 MB and maximum by 20 GB.
  • "Split by Date" is another option in which two separate OLM files will be created i.e., one OLM file with the data before the specified date and another with the data which comes after the specified date. However, "Split by Date Range" option will create single OLM file with the data that comes between "To" and "From" section
  • Using "Split by Folder", it constitutes two different options i.e., "Split by Folders" and "Split Selective Folders". According to the requirement, users can choose the desired options for the same.
  • Using "Split by Email ID", split OLM files into small size which falls under section From, To, Cc, Bcc email ID.
  • Once the desired option is selected, simply click Split to begin dividing large OLM files into small file sizes.
  • Now, the divided OLM files will be placed at the specified destination location
  • The Bottom Line

    Many times, there comes a need to split OLM files into small size. In order to answer this mind-scratching query, here we have come up with the proven solution using a third-party tool. Due to the absence of manual solution, it is recommended to opt the automated tool mentioned above to split OLM files by size, date, email ID and folder options.

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      You can split your large Mac Outlook OLM files into Smaller Sizes using Cigati OLM Splitter Tool.

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