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3 Types of explainer videos that can boost your startup’s growth

Author: Nicon Ch
by Nicon Ch
Posted: Mar 24, 2020
explainer videos

Do you consider yourself as a tech entrepreneur & running a tech startup, a SaaS startup maybe? and looking forward to raise funds or trying to gain traction. Then this article is for you.

One of the tools that help you gain traction or simplify your complex product is "Explainer Videos". Explainer videos are simply short promotional marketing videos that range its duration from 30 seconds to 90 seconds, and aim to simplify your message or product to your target audience whether end-customers or investors. It can be a video shoot with actors, whiteboard animation or motion graphics.

In this post I will share with you the methodology we use at our animation company "Atum Studio", that makes $5,000 explainer videos work, so you can apply it to your next video whether you are going to produce it yourself or hire a freelancer to create it in order to save money.

You have to decide what kind of visuals you are going to put on the screen, here are some ideas.

1. Video shooting ad with actors or spokesperson

This option is a bit coasty if you are aiming to produce a high quality video, because you will have to hire a director, a videographer, actors, makeup artist and hire some location to film, then hire a video editor and don’t forget the cost of renting film equipment. If you insist on that option then you better hire an actor who operates as a home studio from one of those freelancing platforms like fiverr or people per hour for a few hundred dollars but you should prepare your script before searching for the best candidate that will represent your brand.

2. Motion Graphics

Creating motion graphics explainer video is a good option but can be frustrating because it requires some technical experience with animation software, so if you don’t have experience with animation software like AfterEffects, then you better hire a freelancer. Here is a tip to save money & time, consider buying a ready made animation template for less than $100 and hand it over to your freelancer so it would save time & money producing your video, as well as setting the expectation for the output, because the final result will be as same as the template you purchased.

3. Whiteboard Animation

If you want to save every penny then this option is great because while startups hire freelancers or studios like ours to produce whiteboard animation, there are many software out there that automates this process, such software doesn’t require any technical expertises so you can do it yourself. These kinds of software can cost around $100.

Explainer video can help you out explaining your ideas to investors or skyrocket your sales, our latest video we made at our studio for a shopping coupons startup in Saudi Arabia called CodeKhasm, their app installation had 3x growth in less than a month just by making a short video & targeting the right audience on social media.

Final words, before starting working on any style that I mentioned, you should prepare your script and hire a professional voice over artist to do the record for you which may cost around $10 on freelance websites like Fiverr.

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