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3 New Designing Trends to Follow in 2020

Author: Sarah Kahlon
by Sarah Kahlon
Posted: Mar 30, 2020

Website is the face of the company through which it sells itself. It is made to attract the potential buyers and if it’s design is catchy and informative then it can easily ace the race. That is why, while devising the structure and format of the web page, it is very important to keep in mind a few essential things.

First and foremost, it is the design of the website that creates 95% of a visitor’s first impression of the business and this alone can make or break the bond. Secondly, the content of the page connects the buyer with the company. For an enterprise that wants to target a particular demographic section of Sonoma County, the web design and substance for their page should be distinctive enough to catch the eye and relevant as well to satisfy the needs of this group.

Bearing in mind the above considerations, it has become more crucial than ever to incorporate modern and sophisticated web designs into the marketing strategy. However, the trend for making classy and unique websites is dynamic and it keeps changing year by year. The current trends of making an appealing site are summarized below.

1. Optimum Usage of Graphics, Content and White space

For Sonoma County, web design trends demand that the website is uncomplicated, uncluttered and easy to navigate so as to ensure an improved user experience. Less texts and more white space along with optimal graphics used in a webpage allow the different components to thrive and be more conspicuous to the user. Meaningful content with minimalistic design provides more breathing space for the page elements resulting in better comprehension to the viewer. It helps in highlighting the important bits and gives the viewer an easy and comfortable read.

2. Customized Pictorial Images

Though minimalism is the current trend for Sonoma County web designs, for the best effect it is absolutely essential to balance it with other design elements like interesting fonts and writing styles, illustrations, colour schemes, etc. To achieve this, customized pictorial images can be included in the layout for better representation. They are inspired by the print publishing and other traditional art forms and help in adding liveliness to an otherwise bland webpage. With lesser usage of stock images, they also add diversity to the content and help the organisation in building up their brand recognition.

3. Animated Components

With the advancement in technology, using animated elements have become more and more frequent in web designs. Many websites use texts and boxes that drift onto the frame in different movement formats. Some uses featured cursors or dynamic scrolling to make the webpage more attractive. Playful cursors can change shape when it hovers on different elements whereas dynamic scrolling sets varying speeds for the site’s foreground and background which gives the visitors a 3D effect. With these animations it is easy to keep the visitor to the page for more time as it gives them great time engagement.


Every business owner thinks of creating a website that will encourage greater but meaningful footfalls. With that intention, they should apply these market trends to garner the customer’s interests by implementing newer designs that matches these styles.

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Sarah K, a professional writer who share interests in different creative niches. Her ideas and tips towards such niches have contributed to the online community.

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