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5 Reason Why Finding The Best Oncologist In India Is Very Important

Author: Rahul Suri
by Rahul Suri
Posted: Mar 28, 2020

In order to ensure proper treatment for cancer, the key lies in finding the best oncologist for supervising the treatment. Here are the reasons why finding the best oncologist in India is very important.

Getting diagnosed with cancer will certainly be the hardest time of your life. It is true when faced with death, your entire life flashes before you. It is similar when diagnosed with cancer; you start reliving all your regretful as well as happy memories. Cancer is treatable now; you do not need to give up hope. You need to brace yourself and find an oncologist that will treat you. An oncologist is a doctor that specializes in treating cancer and tumors. Finding the best oncologist in India is not a simple task. The best oncologist for you will be your guide through all the cancer care, medicines, and treatment involved. Here are five reasons why finding the best oncologist in India is very important: -

  1. Your recovery is completely in the hands of your oncologist. The best oncologist will take care of you during the cancer treatment as well as in the post-recovery phase. The medication you receive during cancer treatment is too strong. After the treatment, you need about a month of recovery time. During this time, your doctor will prescribe you proper medication and exercise to return to your normal life.

  2. The best oncologist will help you get a second opinion before starting your treatment. It is a good practice to get a second opinion before going ahead with any treatment. It will let your mind rest and eliminate the chances of false diagnoses. When two doctors arrive at the same conclusion, it is generally true. Getting a second opinion will also help you communicate with the doctor better as you will have more information regarding your ailment.

  3. The best oncologist will communicate freely with you, so you may understand what is going on with the treatment. Knowing what is happening to your body is much better than staying in the dark. You will also be able to tell your doctor if you are facing some complications that should not be there. The best oncologist will listen patiently to everything you have to say and answer all your questions.

  4. The best oncologist will have a good team. When it comes to cancer treatment, it is not just about the doctor. The team that he works with is equally important. The nurses will be the one taking care of you at all times, while junior doctors will be monitoring you frequently. An oncologist is a busy person; he cannot look after you at all times. His team is going to do it in his stead at his instructions. A good team ensures a speedy recovery.

  5. Getting diagnosed with cancer is a traumatic experience; having the best oncologist treating you will put your mind at ease when facing such perilous times having a person with you that you can count on matters.

These are five reasons that state the importance of finding the best oncologist in India. You must not give up hope, India has several great oncologists that can treat you. Finding the best one among them is just a matter of convenience.

Dr. Suresh Advani is one of the most reputed and decorated oncologists in India. Over the years, he has helped numerous cancer patients recover from their condition and lead a significantly improved standard of life. His patients hail from all over the world, which is a testament to his efficiency.
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