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Study MBBS in Abroad at Affordable Cost

Author: Ample Websol
by Ample Websol
Posted: Mar 28, 2020

Every year Indian students are facing difficulties when setting a goal for MBBS abroad. Getting MBBS admission in abroad is not an easy task, it is becoming tough day-by-day to get MBBS admission in abroad because a large number of students are competing with each other for getting medical seats. As most of the students are suffering from the financial crisis. So, students cannot pay high donation fees demanded in private medical colleges. There are approximately 10,000 medical aspirants wants to study MBBS in abroad. MBBS in abroad considered to be a great option as it has budget-friendly MCI approved universities. As we know MBBS education is quite expensive in India or in Abroad. So, the students must invest their money wisely and choose the best medical college or universities abroad.

The duration of MBBS is 6 years of theoretical knowledge and 1 year of internship. The span of time is a bit long so that the candidates look for quality education under affordable fees. The MBBS in India is much more expensive than MBBS in Abroad because there is a fewer number of seats in government medical colleges and the budget of private medical colleges is much more costly than the government medical colleges.

Do you know that there are 70,978 MBBS seats in India? There are 529 colleges in India, out of these 269 colleges having 35,688 government seats and 260 colleges having 35,290 private seats. So, every student can’t get a medical seat in India. That’s why the students are more attracted to abroad universities or colleges.

Nowadays the most desirable countries for the students who want to study MBBS in Abroad are the countries that provide quality education at minimal fees. The major countries are Russia, Germany, Canada, UK, Australia, China, Philippines, Georgia, Armenia, US, New Zealand, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh and many more.

Overview of MBBS in Abroad
  • Degree: MBBS / MD
  • Duration of Course: 5 – 6 years
  • Eligibility: 50% in PCB and NEET qualified
  • The medium of Teaching: English
  • Recognition: MCI and WHO
Eligibility of MBBS Abroad

The candidates who want to study MBBS in Abroad should have the basic qualification required for taking admission in any university or college. The eligibility criteria are as follows as:

The candidate should be 18 years old on or before the time of admission.

The candidate should pass class 12 with subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology from a recognized board i.e. ICSE, CBSE, and other State Boards. The candidates should attain 50% in PCB i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Biology.

The candidates must appear and qualify in NEET 2020 which is conducted by NTA. The minimum passing marks for general category candidates is 134 and ST/SC/OBC category candidates are 107.

Before planning to study MBBS in Abroad the students must know certain things about the cost expenses and other expenses too. If the students want to have quality education under a low budget then they may select the countries accordingly such as Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and the Philippines, etc. If there is no issue of budget then the students may select the countries like USA, UK, and Canada, etc.

MCI Recognized Universities or Colleges

While selecting the University or College you must choose the universities which are MCI approved because it is very important to do so. After completing the MBBS degree the students have to pass the MCI Screening Test. The students who have passed out from an MCI approved College are eligible to appear in the MCI Screening Test.

Quality of Education

All the medical aspirants should check out the best medical colleges across the world, to get the best quality of education. As it is a matter of a long period of time and an expensive course to do. So the candidates taking admission to any university in part of the world should check the quality of education.

Hostel and Food

Indians students going to stay outside India or at a place distant from their home, really miss their homely comfort and food. The availability of hygienic food and comfortable accommodation is a necessity for students staying in foreign countries. Almost all the universities provide neat and clean hostels, hygienic food and beverages. Students can go for another option i.e. private apartments that can be shared by one or more friends and shared apartments are always available in foreign countries.

Duration of MBBS in Abroad

The time span of the MBBS course is eventually 5.8 years and in some countries, it is 6 years, it also includes 1 year of internship in India after clearing MCI. There are few medical colleges which provide MD courses with the MBBS degree.


Climate is a major factor for Indian students because some students find it difficult to adjust to other country’s climate. Almost all foreign countries have different climatic conditions. Some countries like the US, UK and many more have the minus degree temperature. Some foreign countries have a typically moderate type of climate like India.


The students should look out the medium of instruction in the University or College because every country has different medium of instruction. The students must check out that the medium of instruction is English as it is a preferred language for Indian students. In some countries, the students have to learn the native language because in the internship period they have to interact with the patients in the native language.


Safety is something that is in our hands. Every part of the world is safe for you when you are in your limits. But there will be people around you who will always try bothering you and taking advantage of you. So, the students must not give any chance to someone who could bother them.

Why study MBBS in Abroad?

Studying MBBS in Abroad might be a dream of some students. Moreover, MBBS is not only a dream of the students but also a dream of their parents too. Doing MBBS in Abroad gives you international exposure. Nowadays MBBS in Abroad is becoming very popular among the students because it has some advantages. They are discussed below:

  • Low cost of fees.
  • Dynamic Culture.
  • Great Infrastructure.
  • MCI Recognition.
  • Highly-paid salary.
  • No Donation.
  • International Exposure.
  • Availability of Indian food.
  • High education standards.
  • World wide acceptance.
  • Advantages of studying MBBS in Abroad
  • World wide Acceptance

The students who are studying MBBS from abroad universities or colleges get worldwide acceptance of their degree. All the top medical colleges have a medium of instruction as English which again accepted worldwide. Usually, all the top-notch universities provide English as well as local language which serves as a medium of instruction.

Plenty of Indian Students

Across the world, students are coming to study abroad countries. You will find a lot of Indian students studying MBBS in Abroad. So, it sounds difficult for Indian students studying abroad to mix up easily with other students. But it is not because whenever we find people around us who are from our country gives us mental peace.

MCI approved colleges

Almost all the universities or colleges are MCI i.e. Medical Council of India approved and recognized by WHO i.e. World Health Organization. After completing MBBS from abroad the graduates need a license to practice thereafter. So, MCI approved universities or colleges are necessary because it provides a license to the doctors after the MCI Screening Test.

Low-cost Fees

The MBBS universities or Colleges which are MCI approved and recognized by Who provide quality education under effectively low-cost fees. In India, each and every student can’t get admission in government colleges. Private medical college fees are relatively higher than the fees for Abroad colleges. When you will compare the fees of private medical colleges of India with the Abroad colleges, you will find Abroad colleges eventually cost worthy than the private medical colleges of India.

Low cost of living standards

The standard of living is just like you are staying at your home place only. The accommodation and food will charge you as low as your home place. As the universities or Colleges have their own hostel and mess. They would not charge you much. Apart from the hostel, there is another option of separate apartments rented by one or more friends, which is also cost-effective.

Challenges to AcceptCommunication Barrier

As it is a fact that every country has its own medium of communication but there is a common language for communication is English. All the Universities or Colleges have the medium of instruction as English so; there will be no problem in studying the course syllabus. Rather there might be some difficulty while interaction with the local people. So, five to six years is a long time span, one could easily learn a language for only communication purpose only for studying.

Climate Change

Every country has a different type of climatic conditions. For example, India has a moderate type of climate. Many countries like the UK, the US, Australia, etc have continental types of climate with cold winters and hot summers. Every person has a different type of body, to accept any kind of climate is a challenge to students. If you want to see your dream becoming true you might have to sacrifice something. There is also a good proverb –

"You win some, you lose some".

Maa Ke Haath ka Khana

Many students who are studying Abroad might not get home-style food. Every country is different from other there food, culture, traditions, lifestyle each and everything is different. As the universities or Colleges have their mess which provides Indian food. Nowadays it is not difficult to find Indian food across the world.

Favorable Destinations for Studying MBBS in Abroad

The students who want to pursue MBBS in India didn’t get a medical seat in India in a low budget. Then there is an opportunity to get admission to Abroad Universities or Colleges in a low budget. Some of the most desirable destinations to Study MBBS in Abroad are discussed below:

  • MBBS In UK
  • MBBS In Canada
  • MBBS In Australia
  • MBBS In Germany
  • MBBS In Russia
  • MBBS In Ukraine
  • MBBS In Georgia
  • MBBS In Armenia
  • MBBS In Philippines
  • MBBS In China
  • MBBS In Belarus
  • MBBS In Kyrgyzstan
  • MBBS In Kazakhstan
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