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How Much Does It Costs to Build a Grocery Shopping App like Instacart, Peapod, AmazonFresh?

Author: Priya Patil
by Priya Patil
Posted: Mar 30, 2020
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Grocery shopping online is becoming popular and the traffic here is increasing day by day.

The development of technologies has made the life of retailers much easier by permitting them to market food items such as staples, fruits, vegetables, drinks, groceries by utilizing platforms that are revenue-generating. Grocery business owners offer various discounts and deals thereby making it an attractive option to purchase your groceries at the comfort of your home and at a lesser price.

As per survey approx 55 percent of individuals purchase grocery online between the age group of 25-45. Millennials hold a major part in online purchases.

Factors contributing to the Grocery App Development Cost :

Multiple factors can be considered while planning to build a grocery app. The pros and cons need to be analyzed and documented so as to create a roadmap for a perfect Grocery App launch.

We have listed the common factors that contribute to grocery app development cost. The expertise of the development agency and the timeline both are also contributing factors to the overall cost.

There are 3 variants in grocery apps which helps the customer to choose which kind of services do they prefer while buying their monthly grocery:

  1. E-commerce Grocery Program: -- Regardless of the location, this kind of app allows the purchaser to shop for the products they want and get it delivered as per their preferred timing as well.

  2. In-store Grocery App: -- In-store supermarket app exhibits all of the sorts of grocery products alongside their specification. The buyer can view the stores virtually and make purchases accordingly in short the app displays the place from where the grocery is purchased from.

  3. Personalized Grocery App: – This app goes one step further. It allows the user to upload the list of items to be purchased and makes it available from the grocery store and delivered to the customer. What best could one ask for!

The back end management of each app is different which depends on the kind of service being offered to the customers. The admin panels are designed in the most convenient manner for the admins to conveniently manage the orders and the marketing tools to promote the app.

1.User Panel :

1. User Interface:

All the required features starting from customer details to orders, SEO management, etc, everything has been cared for by our consumer panel. It explains the app functionality to enhance and manage the standard of support. Our consumer panel consists of features such as:

User Profile: Easy and secure login system using first-time registration or through social media for convenient purchasing.

Browse Products: Choose from a range of products depending upon search and the discounts available.

Schedule delivery: The admin is given a provision to program the shipping time slots which will allow the user to place orders and also schedule the time of delivery as per their availability.

The time slot selected by the user then is updated in real-time making the interference of admin at minimal level.

Multiple Payment Options: Create the payment in the most dependable and safe way with the latest and multi-payment alternatives.

Offers & Discounts: Love the best offers and receive the most helpful reduction and provide suitable in accordance with your purchase.

Review & Ratings: Reviews and rating page for the user to write about the entire user experience right from the user interface to products and finally the delivery.

2. Admin Panel :

The Admin panel is the main control panel or backend for the business owner to manage the grocery app. With this panel, the admin can add categories, products, manage customers, reviews and digital marketing and branding.

Dashboard: Dashboard gives a one-shot view of the total orders/sales made so far and the last order details etc.

Payment Options: The payment options offered to the clients can be managed from the panel. As one newer payment option is introduced they can be added.

Order Management: From the admin, all the orders placed can be appropriately managed and delivered on time.

Manage Client : Admin panel can help in linking the program with clients and retains them engaged while ensuring top-notch services.

Manage Store: Admin panel can help in not only managing the orders but also provides the necessary tools on data analytics which helps in further expansion of the business.

Provide Excellent Services: By fully utilizing the available options in the admin excellent customer service can be delivered.

Grocery Delivery Options :

Both Shipt and Instacart offer same-day grocery delivery. You can schedule the day and time when you'd like your groceries to arrive at your home. However, Instacart's main selling point is that you can get your groceries delivered in as little as 1 hour.

The customer gets notified of the order and also when the order is about to get delivered making the customer aware of the process happening around the order.

With the use of digital options for every process, it is smart to link one feature or function to the app that makes an overall impressive app to the customer.

We now come to the most important point that is cost. There are some important factors that add up to the development cost such as-

App Layout: What attracts the target audience to the app is a simple and clean design that is easy to navigate right from the time of login to browse the products and finally to the checkout page.

App Size: This mainly is dependent on the features, functions, and customization done in the app. What level of features are added to make the app cater to every requirement will determine the cost?

App Programmers: The experience, expertise and geographic location of the programmer also is a factor that adds to the cost.

Payment Options: What payment options you want to offer will determine this part of the cost. Options like Paypal, mobile wallet, google wallet are trending options and come for a price too.

App Platform: Choosing the program platform determines the development price. Whether you want to launch only with an Android app in the testing phase and then later introduce iOS or to go for a driver app initially or later is also a cost factor.

Features & Functionality that impacts the Grocery App development cost

There are many technological advancements that have taken place with the rise of app developments happening worldwide. Out of the available technologies that all you want to add up to your app is directly related to your budget.

Basic Features: The ideal approach that we usually suggest to our clients is to go for a plain vanilla website that has all the required features to start with.

Advance Features: The more the features and functions more is the probability of reaching out to a larger target audience. Be it placing an order through twitter, geolocation mapping, delivery through drones. These all are options that can keep the user and give you repeated business.

Finally- How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Grocery Shopping App?

The cost of grocery app development as mentioned above depends upon the features, functions, developers, etc. It mainly depends upon the geographic location of the grocery app developers.

The range for a single platform can cost anywhere between $4000 to $12000.

Food & beverages being a leading segment the app development for this segment also expected to increase with every coming year. In 2018 the average sales recorded online in the Grocery segment was18% which is expected to increase to 26% by 2022.


The grocery delivery app development solution is undeniably and continuous revenue-generating model. If you are an aggregator there is no need to have a warehouse to manage the goods thereby saving on the infrastructure cost. The same expense can be diverted to add more value-adding features to the grocery app for the user to stay hooked on to your app

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Priya Patil is a Quality Analyst in Infigic Technologies.A Grocery App Development Company, I love to share her thoughts on Social media platforms.

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