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What are the benefits of using Bamboo cutlery?

Author: Ningbo Odell Import & Export Co. Ltd
by Ningbo Odell Import & Export Co. Ltd
Posted: Apr 01, 2020

Saving environment starts from you, yourself and it is for this reason that many catering companies, restaurants, and party hosts have switched to using bamboo cutlery

likea reusable coffee cup, bamboo straws and bamboo plates. But the real question is why so many businesses and individuals are opting to use bamboo tableware rather

than other forms of tableware. The main reason for this change is that there are many advantages of using bamboo cutlery. So let us look at the below benefits

1. It is eco-friendly

The main reason why everyone isswitching to this form of cutlery is that it is environmentally friendly. It is widely being used by many eco-friendly individuals.

Bamboo is considered to be a grass where it can be cut without totally killing the plant. When one cuts the grass, it does not die, it continues to grow. It is for

this reason that bamboo is an eco-friendly and highly renewable resource. It has also been opined that bamboo grows faster than any other type of wood where it can be

grown without the use of harmful pesticides.

2. Highly durable

When it comes to bamboo utensils like a reusable coffee cup, bamboo straws, and bamboo plates, it is very strong and durable. Bamboo is said to be strong but is also

light and flexible at the same time. The utensils are said to be long-lasting where it is also much more durable than the plastic and wooden utensils.

3. Odour and stain resistant

Bamboo is said to have a stain, heat and water-resistant material. The bamboo products are easy to clean and also do not carry any odour.

4. It can be used safely with non-stick cooking pans

The bamboo cooking utensils are safe to use since it will not scratch the non-stick finish on the pans where it will also not harm your cookware.

5. Has a smooth finish

The bamboo utensils do not get rough or porous since it has a smooth finish. It can be used for a longer period.

6. Pocket friendly

If you are on a tight budget then the bamboo cutlery is the right one for you since it is highly cost-effective.

7. Inclusive of anti-bacterial properties

The bamboo material is inclusive of negative ions that create natural anti-bacterial properties which further prevents the growth of harmful bacteria. Hence, you will

not have to worry about your family or friends eating from the surface since there will be no bacteria growth in it.

8. Bio-degradable

The bamboo fibre material is said to be 100% bio-degradable. Since bamboo is made from a natural substance, it perishes in the same way too. Since it grows swiftly, it

is opined to be a better sustainable option since it is one of the highly renewable material in the world.

Thus, using bamboo utensils is highly beneficial for you. With this regards, Ningbo Aveco Import and Export Co. Ltd offers the best bamboo cutlery so that you can

upgrade your life in an eco-friendly way.

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Ningbo Odell Imp & Exp CO. Ltd is a top bamboo cup manufacture and also produce other biodegradable bamboo fiber products such as bamboo fiber plates,bowls,trays,lunch box,container,dinnerware set,etc.

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