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How to start a lawnmower in one pull?

Author: Robert Boos
by Robert Boos
Posted: Mar 31, 2020
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Does your lawn not starting as you expected and now looking for tips? If so, then today we are going to show you. Starting your lawnmower in one pull is simple then you can imagine. It is possible after checking some things. Here are some of them.

Things to check first

Check the oil

Similar to car engines, lawn engines have to be subjected to normal oil changes. Oil lubricates the engine during use, preventing premature damage.

So, ensure that you have changed the oil of your mower. This is especially important if you have not changed the oil for a while.

Lubricate moving parts

The engine is not the main part of your lawn cutter, which needs suitable oil. It is a smart idea to keep every single moving part, including the haggle, adequately lubricated with oil or grease. If, despite everything, you have the user manual, check it for details when properly lubricating moving parts.

Check the blades

Before any use, you should have your lawnmower's blades sharpened. Blunt blades can damage your lawn and make the grass mower less environmentally friendly. Damaged lawns and wasteful mowers also make your work a lot harder than it should be. It is a wise idea to sharpen the grass mower blades at least once a month during the high season.

Clean the deck

A dirty a deck can cause your mower to work harder than it should and use more fuel. Also, it can damage your lawn. Cleaning the deck is still simple and should be done after each use.

Essentially turn the cutter on its side and carefully position it so that no engine oil gets into the fuel system. Then scrape or spray lawn debris from the cutter's deck. If possible, shower silicone grease on the deck to reduce corrosion during use. Make sure the cutter is completely turned off before cleaning the deck to avoid injuries.

Check the battery

If your model has a battery or uses a battery for ignition, it is vital at the moment to check if the battery is charged. If not, connect to the charger and wait for some time before pulling the trigger.

Replace spark plugs and filters

Attaching spark plugs and air filters before using is a modest way to properly maintain and secure your lawnmower. Moreover, this should be done consistently to extend the life of your mower. Replace the paper filters and wash and dry the foam filters completely. Remember to change the fuel filter as well.

After checking and ensuring that all these are in place, it is now time to pull the trigger and the mower will be ignited in the first attempt. Follow the procedure.

The method

First, select a suitable area to which needs to be cut. More importantly, make sure the model is standing where there is no tall grass that touches the blade.


If your model has a throttle lever system, then you are required to set the lever to full choke. While, If your model has the primer system, then you are required to press several times.

Bail lever

Currently holding down the bail lever, also known as the dead man's lever. This is the bar at the highest point on the handlebar, which is usually separated by a stop pattern. The bail lever is a highlight for the well-being that current mowers must-have. It can stop the blade from rotating and turn off the motor within 3 seconds of pushing the stirrup.

Pull cord

Now take the pull cord handle and pull it neatly. The engine must start at least 350 rpm to generate a spark that can ignite the fuel sufficiently. If you find that the pull cord is exceptionally stiff to pull, make sure the blade is not blocked by dry grass on the deck and check that the bow lever is working properly


Most mowers don't run on the first pulling, so don't be frustrated. It could take a few moves. If multiple pulls are required, you can flood the engine with too much fuel. If this occurs, just let it sit for 30 minutes and try again. Don't use a choke this time.

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