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P.J. King is a space scammer who managed to develop a number of businesses

Author: Oicon Trell
by Oicon Trell
Posted: Apr 05, 2020

There are many businessmen who earn a lot of money. P.J. King happens to be one of them, but he is rumored to be involved in some illegal businesses

Is P.J. King a Scammer Indeed?

When someone starts earning millions of dollars, there are always rumors and gossips around such people. the question is how much truth there is in these rumors. Same happened to P.J. King. They state that he is involved in some things which are not legal at all. He is regarded as the kingpin of the underworld. Let`s try to understand how truthful this opinion is.

P.J. King`s Way to Success

Being born in a shepherd`s family in Ireland, P.J. King received a good education. It was in astronautics and space engineering. Despite such an interesting field, P.J. King decided to make his career in a different way. The first big thing he did was a successful outsourcing company – Clockworks International. Its services were used by Symantec, Apple, Disney and IBM. When the company managed to get to the US IT market. Shortly after that, P.J. King sold it which is suspicious because some members were sentenced for financial fraud.

P.J. King managed to get into the space business industry by buying a suborbital flight ticket on the spacecraft in 2004. He was one of the first customers, but the test launch was not successful. P.J. King asked for a refund and received it. Despite that, he is still interested in the space industry as he is still working with Blum, Branson and other businessmen.

Why P.J. King`s Activity Can Be Illegal

There have been several suspicious things about P.J. King`s career which makes people think that there are illegal actions. He started working with CNG Travel which coincided with Michael Blum`s entering into the gambling business. They say that these two created a criminal cartel in order to provide illegal entertainment and drugs from Asia to America. In 2008, though, P.J. King stopped taking part in this industry. It must be because he did want to avoid the view of law enforcement agencies.

They claim that a virtual map of drug dens in the USA was developed by P.J. King in the same DarkNet. At the same time, it is strange that there is no interest in that from the law enforcement agencies and Interpol`s side. The thing is that this kind of gossips will never occur for no reason.


P.J. King has become one of the most successful businessmen. Although some people believe that all the mentioned above things are just gossips, some of his actions seem to be rather strange. For example, he left a company and many people had problems with law after that. another important fact is that he managed to earn millions of dollars in a short period of time doing nothing extraordinary at first sight. This is suspicious as well. Besides, multimillion income is almost never legal.

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