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Beginners guide to play Rummy at Deccan Rummy

Author: Nms Sathesh
by Nms Sathesh
Posted: Apr 06, 2020
deccan rummy

Are you wanting to know how to play Rummy? Stuck up with a lot of doubts in mind? This blog is a perfect beginners material to learn Rummy. Rummy is a very easy card game to learn. It may look drastic for a newcomer but it is very easy to play when learnt properly.

What is Rummy?

Rummy is a card game played with 2 decks of cards, in which players improve their hand by match cards in the form of sequences and sets. Players can meld cards by picking and dropping cards during their turn in the game.

Concepts in Rummy


Melding of 3 or more cards in a sequential order is called a sequence. There are two types of sequences,

Pure sequence - When 3 or more successive cards are meld together without using a joker card, it is called a pure sequence.

Impure sequence - When 3 or more successive cards are meld together by using joker card(s), it is called an impure sequence.

Joker cards

Joker card is a trump card in rummy. It allows a person to complete a sequence by substituting the missing card. There are two types of joker cards in a rummy game.

Face joker- The cards with joker images printed on them are called face jokers.

Wild joker- A card in random in picked from the deck and chosen a joker card for the game. All the cards of the same face value regardless of the suit.

When it comes to point calculation, the summation is so simple. Every card has the same value as the number printed on the card. Whereas all the face cards are worth 10 points. There are certain scenarios for which you should know how points are calculated.

Drops from the game in the very first chance- 20 points

Drops from the game in the middle of the game- 40 points

Wrong declaration- 80 points

Missing 3 consecutive turns- 40 points

13 card Indian Rummy has 3 variants -points, deals, and pool rummy. At Deccan Rummy you can play a wide range of challenging matches in all 3 variants.

Are you looking to play at Deccan Rummy?

Create an account at Deccan Rummy’s website and download the Deccan rummy mobile rummy app. It becomes more comfortable to play your matches in a rummy app.

Here are the steps,

  1. Login to your Deccan rummy account.
  2. Choose your rummy career variant you wish to play.
  3. At your table, a random toss is made at the start of the game. One card is dealt with every player on the table, and the player receiving the card with maximum card value will have to start the game.
  4. To every player in the table, 13 cards are dealt.
  5. One card is placed in the open deck and all other cards will be kept in the closed deck.
  6. One card in random is selected from closed deck, and chosen as the joker card
  7. Select the sort button on the gaming screen to arrange your cards in the order of their suits. This can really help you to get a better idea on your cards.
  8. Make your sequences and sets by picking and dropping cards from the open and closed deck.
  9. After making successful arrangements, submit the left-over card on the finish slot.
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