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Understanding Carbohydrates and Their Functions for the Body

Author: Danu Aji
by Danu Aji
Posted: Apr 03, 2020
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Food is the most important thing the body needs, and is the best source of energy. The most energy sources the body needs are carbohydrates, protein and fat. The following is the full discussion.

Definition of CarbohydratesCarbohydrates are calorie-producing substances with a calorie number 4. Carbohydrates are food substances that contain elements C (Carbon), H (Hydrogen), and O (Oxygen). Carbohydrates are broken down into simpler sugar molecules such as glucose, fructose, and galactose in the digestive system. This sugar molecule is absorbed by the body. Excess carbohydrates will be stored in the liver or muscles in the form of glycogen and in the stomach area, around the kidneys, or under the skin in the form of fat. Food as a source of energy for carbohydrates include: rice, wheat, corn, cassava, sago, potatoes, bread, and sweet potatoes.

Carbohydrate FunctionThe main function of carbohydrates is as a source of energy. Another function is as a material forming other food substances, such as fat and protein in maintaining the balance of acid and base in the body, and also plays a role in the formation of cells, tissues, and organs.

If the body lacks carbohydrates the body will be thin and weak. If the shortcomings occur continuously, the morale will decrease, endurance is vulnerable and often feel nervous.

Carbohydrate typeMonosaccharidesFor example, various types of sugar, namely: glucose, fructose and galactose. For example in honey, milk and fruits.

DisaccharidesCalled complex sugar. For example sucrose, lactose and maltose. Sucrose sugar is mostly contained in sugar cane stems.

PolysaccharidesIs a complex carbohydrate in the form of flour. For example starch, cellulose and glycogen. All types of grains such as corn, rice and wheat contain carbohydrates in the form of starch. Potatoes and various types of sweet potatoes also contain starch.

Polysaccharides such as starch can be digested by the digestive system into disaccharides.Disaccharides will be digested further into monosaccharides.Energy is produced by the metabolic process of monosaccharides in cells.Glucose plays a very important role in the process of forming this energy.Carbohydrates are very important for increasing enduranceCarbohydrates also contain fiber that is large enough so that consumption of carbohydrates is very good for digestion.Excessive consumption of carbohydrates can increase the risk of developing diabetes and obesity.That is the definition of carbohydrate accompanied by complete functions and explanations. Hopefully it can add to your insight and be useful.

At present, many producers use food additives in each of their products. As consumers, this makes it difficult for us to choose foods and food ingredients that are free without containing food additives.

However, please note that the use of food additives can not be avoided because it plays an important role in the process of making these food ingredients. Not all of these additives are harmful or have no nutritional value.

There are a number of additives that are beneficial to our body, because they contain vitamins that can prevent cancer. However, excessive use of additives also harms health. Therefore, it must be able to control it in order to minimize the negative impacts.

Additives used in food must have several properties including:

1. Do not reduce some essential substances in these foods.2. Can maintain the nutritional value of food.3. As a consumer attraction, but does not include fraud4. Maintain or improve the quality of food

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