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Understanding of CBC According to Experts

Author: Danu Aji
by Danu Aji
Posted: Apr 03, 2020
understanding cbc

Understanding of CBC According to Experts

in the world of education it is certainly not unfamiliar with the word KBK, which stands for competency-based curriculum. CBC is a combination of skills, knowledge, values??and attitudes that are reflected in the habits of thinking and acting. Now, for the sake of clarity, consider the commentary on the understanding of CBC according to experts.

Understanding of CBC According to Experts1. According to Crunkilton (1979: 222) in his book Mulyasa, (2004: 77)His opinion regarding the KBK's understanding that "competence is mastery of a task, attitude, skills and appreciation needed to support a success".

2. According to Gordon, (1998: 109)He explained a number of aspects and domains contained in the following competency concepts:

Knowledge is a target in the cognitive field, like a teacher who has identified basic needs.Understanding is a cognitive and effective depth that an individual has.Ability / skill, is something that has an individual to carry out the tasks and work that has been charged to him.Attitude / attitude, which is happy or not happy or dislike and reaction to a stimulus that will come from outside.Interest / interest, a tendency by someone to carry out an act.Gordon's explanation can be concluded that KBK is a curriculum concept with an emphasis on developing the competency abilities of a number of tasks that have a special performance standard so that the results can be felt by students in the form of mastery of that competency trap.

  1. Mulyasa (2002: 39)The implementation of the curriculum can foster responsibility and student participation in learning to assess and influence a general policy and also take the courage to work in a variety of activities that exist in schools or the community.
  2. Kay (1977)He expressed the opinion, that "Competency-based education must be based on rationality that is carried out very consciously, why and how so that this action is carried out".
  3. Hall (1986)In his book Mulyasa said that "each student can achieve learning goals optimally, if given enough time".

So, based on the opinion of a number of experts shows that for this learning activity we must pay more attention in devoting time. The difference between smart and less clever / stupid students lies in time. So students need quite a long time to learn something in solving problems. Unlike the smart ones, they are quicker at capturing knowledge and faster at solving problems.

Characteristics of CBCThese characteristics of the KBK include harmonized selection of competencies, specifications of evaluation indicators to determine success in achieving competencies and the development of learning systems.

Meanwhile, according to the Ministry of National Education (2002), in mulyasa stated their opinions on the characteristics of the CBC including the following:

Emphasizing the achievement of student competencies, both individually and classically.Oriented towards learning outcomes / learning out comes and diversitySubmission in this learning with a variety of approaches and methods.Learning resources are not only teachers, but can also be sourced from other learning that does meet the educational elementAssessment emphasizes the process and learning outcomes in business mastery and competency achievementFurthermore from a few sources that there are 6 characteristics of CBC, including:

The learning system uses modulesWith various learning resourcesField experiencePersonal individual learning strategiesEase of studyComplete learning (mulyasa, 2006: 43)The explanation is as follows:

1. The learning system uses modulesCompetency-based curriculum with modules becomes a learning system. Modules are self-learning packages that include a set of independent learning experiences that include a set of learning experiences that are planned and systematically designed to help their students achieve their learning goals.

The learning process using the module system can accelerate the teaching and learning process at the same time the participants are more focused on achieving learning. The module system has a clear mechanism and is presented logically and systematically so that these students can know what they are learning, because a process is carried out individually.

  1. with various learning resourcesIn this KBK, teachers no longer play a major role in a learning process, because learning can be with a variety of learning resources, such as humans, books, and the surrounding environment.
  2. Field experienceKBK will put more emphasis on a field experience in order to familiarize the relationship between teachers and students who can later increase knowledge, so that this understanding will be more flexible for students and teachers alike.
  3. Personal individual learning strategiesThis individual learning is learning according to the tempo of student learning while personal learning is an educational interaction in numbers will develop a personal individual strategy that develops the CBC program by involving special experts namely psychology.
  4. Ease of learningThe ease in this KBK is provided through a combination of individualized personal learning and experience as well as team learning.
  5. Complete learningComplete learning is a learning strategy that can be carried out in the classroom with the opinion that with the right conditions all students can get the maximum learning outcomes.

From the review above, the conclusion is that the CBC learning system when viewed in terms of characteristics in particular looks very practical in developing students. The meaning is to use the system that is universal to the basic needs of students. So the role of the teacher, students and the learning program system is more organized and directed. That's all the discussion about the understanding of the KBK on this occasion, hopefully useful.

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