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Definition of KB: Types and Benefits of Complete Contraception

Author: Danu Aji
by Danu Aji
Posted: Apr 03, 2020
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Definition of KB: Types and Benefits of Complete Contraception

Based on Law No.10 of 1992 (concerning population development and the development of a prosperous family) is an effort of increasing public awareness and awareness through maturing marriage age or abbreviated as PUP, then birth arrangements, fostering family resilience, increasing the welfare of small families happy and prosperous.

So what is the meaning of KB? To learn more about KB, then consider the reviews below.KB is a continuation of family planning. This plan program is a program from the government that is indeed designed with the aim of balancing between the population and needs, therefore this family planning program with a family planning program hopefully the norms of happy and prosperous small families (NKKBS) with the orientation of population growth is balanced.

The purpose of KBCouples who use family planning must have their respective goals. One of them is to reduce the number of baby births. The following are general and specific family planning goals, namely:

General purposeImproving the welfare of mothers and children in the framework of the realization of the NKKBS (the norm of a small happy and prosperous family) as the basis for creating a prosperous society and controlling birth and ensuring control of population growth.Special purpose• Increase the population by using contraceptives• Decreasing the number of births• Improved family planning health through birth spacingBenefits of Family Planning for CouplesUndergo this family planning program has many benefits for married couples, in addition to being able to limit births to reduce the risk of mental disorders. Furthermore, see the benefits below:

Reducing the risk of pregnancyThe function of contraception is to prevent an unexpected pregnancy. Besides reducing the risk of giving birth too old and young.If a woman who is too old and hasn't gone through menopause has an intimate relationship by not using contraception, then there is a possibility of pregnancy. Giving birth over the age of 35 is very risky for women and can cause death.Reducing the risk of cancer in womenHoemonal contraception used by women is an example of a pill, injection or IUD containing progesterone and estrogen. The hormone can help women control pregnancy and reduce the risk of reproductive system cancer. Besides reducing the risk of myoma growth in the uterus.

Does not interfere with growth and development in childrenIf the child does not have a 1 year younger sibling, then growth and development will be disrupted. Normally the distance in the first child to the second between 3-5 years. If the child.

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