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Tiger Fishing Packages in At Zambezi River

Author: James Jassi
by James Jassi
Posted: Aug 14, 2014
tiger fishing

Zambezi River, the best spot for tiger fishing, located at Zambia is the apt place you should visit to have a great time in tiger fishing. The tiger fishing packages at this river is a great way to have pleasure time. Compared with various other spots for tiger fishing, this place offer a quite contrasting experience because of the fishing style, and the size of catch. The size of catch is what that allures many because this river has enormous sizes of tiger fish. What is very special about the tiger fishes?

Tiger Fish – an Intro:

This game fish can give a tough time, when you try to catch them. Never think you can try the smaller ones. Even they would prove their mettle in make you try various adventures. This deadly fish has interlocking, and razor piercing teeth. They have muscular bodies and are aggressive. This aggressive quality is what that provokes many enthusiasts to engage in tiger fishing packages. If you fancy trying this, then you can find many lodges available near Zambezi River for the very purpose. Try finding reliable places online like the sekoma.

The Bait and Boatman:

You need to hire a boat, and you get a boatman. The bait is already available in the boat for you. The boatman, when you run out of the bait, or you do not have it stocked ready, catches the bait for you. The boatman’s job does not end here. He will also hook the bait and cast it across the river. You need to wait patiently to struggle with the bait cast. The tiger fish can even bite the bait and move off, while you would have no clue of it. To attract the fish, you need to move away. This can infuriate the fish and you need to be very careful during this. Your gilly will get the fish for you if it is hooked up. You can now get to know why the tiger fish is known for aggression. Be careful not to touch their teeth. Your gilly will help you again, by putting a weighing scale in the mouth of the fish. The weight would be declared instantly, and you get the photograph taken.

Things to note:

  • Always take a boatman who doubles a gilly. Even if you have done this, the tiger fish should be understood as ferocious as the piranha.
  • You need to choose the lodges with care. Check for what the others who had visited the place have got to share with you through the testimonials.
  • Ensure the place is safe to do the activities and check if they are licensed and authorised to do so.
  • Always learn all about the dos and don’ts, if you want to stay safe.

It is not only you can enjoy tiger fishing, but also the backwaters are the fine place to spend time in bird watching and watch the games.

About the Author:

The writer is an expert in the field of Zambia Lodges with focus on Fishing Lodges Zambia and Tiger Fishing etc..

About the Author

The writer is an expert in the field of various topic.

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