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How is a diploma different from course work?

Author: Gary Evans
by Gary Evans
Posted: Apr 10, 2020

Thesis is the final work of the student, crowning the studies in a higher educational institution. This is an independent study, ideally representing not even academic work, but scientific. Writing a diploma should demonstrate the ability of a graduate to collect and analyze information, conduct practical research, and draw independent conclusions.

A diploma is not ten essays, or even three students, sewn on a live thread. From other academic works, the diploma differs not only quantitatively (in volume), but also qualitatively (in an independent approach, in depth of conclusions).

Therefore, the writing of term papers and dissertations has both common features and differences. A thesis is characterized by a higher level of independence of conclusions, a deeper analysis of materials. Of greater importance is the practical side of the work.

Although students are advised to choose topics for term papers so that they become the basis for the chapters of the thesis, you should not think that with this approach, in the fifth year you will only have to compose what has already been written. Coursework will be groundwork, the basis for a deeper disclosure of the problems of chapters and paragraphs.

If we compare term papers and dissertations, an interesting thing turns out: the student has more similarities with the abstract, and the dissertation has more similarities with the dissertation.

In the coursework, the level of compilation is higher, while theses and dissertations require a serious scientific approach. For graduate research, in contrast to the course, the theoretical and practical relevance of the topic is very important. Like a dissertation, a graduate student must bring something new to science, and on defense, prove the novelty of his work and the value of his practical contribution to the development of the problem. Moreover: many dissertations written in "excellent" are higher in scientific level than some master's and even candidate dissertations.

What are the requirements for the thesis?

The completion of the thesis should demonstrate that the student:

  • able to independently carry out research and scientific activities;
  • owns methods of analysis and synthesis (as well as other modern research methods), is able to systematize, analyze and generalize theoretical and practical material;
  • Able to find information on a topic under development, using various sources;
  • I am familiar with the history of the study of the topic, analyzed and generalized the experience of the predecessors, plunged deeply into the problem being studied, revealed its unexplored, little-studied or controversial sides;
  • learned to perform empirical research, as well as process, systematize, analyze, interpret and generalize the material obtained (* for faculties where practical research is required when writing a thesis);
  • able to link theoretical developments with practice;
  • has the ability to make reasoned conclusions based on the studied theoretical and analyzed empirical materials;
  • sees the prospects for the development of the topic and the solution of the problem, makes practical recommendations, offers innovative development paths based on the research;
  • can logically and consistently acquaint with the results of his work in writing, correctly and reasonably express his thoughts, as well as correctly draw up a diploma study in accordance with GOST.

Nekhilo right? Well, what do you want - after all, you write a diploma.

Why is a diploma important not only for you, but also for the teacherAnother difference between a diploma and a student is that this work is important not only for you, but also for the teacher. If your term paper is interesting only to your supervisor (and often is not particularly interesting to him), then diploma defense is an exam for both you and the teacher. Moreover: even for the whole department, since the "state inspector" is included in the state commission, in front of whom it is worthless to smash his face in the mud.

Of course, only your scientific teacher and, most likely, a reviewer will read your diploma from cover to cover (here there are options, which we will discuss in more detail in the article "What is a review of a thesis?"). The rest of the teachers just leaf through the diploma (and God forbid you to establish with the design!). But they will gladly throw you questions, appreciate the protective speech and presentation.

Very often, the thesis causes heated debate, initiated by scientific and ideological opponents of your supervisor. Sometimes, on the basis of a diploma, they examine and / or try to insult a scientist. Cool graduate students add "respect" points to the teacher. A high level of thesis increases the level of "respect" of the entire department and faculty.

In general, if a freebie with a coursework can take a ride, then you need to write a diploma in high quality, even if the "turban" is quite suitable for you. Because I’m all getting along so as not to disgrace the department, they don’t let go of pre-defense at all.

How to find a student manager who will write a diploma, and not a large course?

To understand the difference between a course and a diploma you need:

  • a student who writes his own diploma;- to a student manager who takes orders for such work;- A student who plans to order a diploma from a student.

Yes, yes, an understanding of this difference is also necessary for someone who is not going to work too much in their fifth year. If you plan to apply with an order to a student manager who assists in writing term papers and dissertations, you need to make sure of his ability to write a diploma study and not a huge abstract. It will be quite out of place to talk with the student manager to find out if he understands the difference between a course and a diploma (and for this you yourself need to be aware of this difference). If such an interview seems too complicated for you, choose a student manager by recommendation, feedback, rating.

By the way, you can give students a link to this article so as not to describe in detail in the ToR the basic requirements for the thesis. A professional student manager, of course, is aware of these requirements by default, but just in case, recalling them will not be out of place.

And one more important point. The cost of writing a diploma differs significantly from the price of the exchange rate, and this difference depends not only on the volume, as some customers believe. To write three coursework in most cases is easier than one diploma (despite this, many students are specializing in diplomas, preferring to immerse themselves in a serious project for a long time - but this is already a matter of taste). Be careful with dumping students who offer to write a diploma "quickly, efficiently and cheaply". A professional soberly assesses the extent of work on a graduate study, realizing the seriousness of the requirements. Therefore, it is unlikely to agree to work for three bread crusts.

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