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New Smoking Alternatives Gain Popularity in 2020

Author: Joe Crawford
by Joe Crawford
Posted: Apr 08, 2020
smoking alternatives Introduction to Smoking Alternatives:

Smoking alternatives were introduced to reduce the use of cigarettes among the people. Due to the rise of cigarettes, new smoking alternatives were introduced so that people can try out a lesser harmful method of smoking to fulfil their cravings. These new smoking alternatives are not healthy, but they are a lower threat than cigarettes. There are a few types of smoking alternatives, and they're mentioned below. All of them vary in their nature and somehow fulfil the craving of a smoke. Newvaping is a leading online vape shop UK that offers various vaping hardware, vape kits, replacement coils, vape tanks, vape mods, pods, vape tanks, nicotine salts, vape liquid and vaping accessories at the best price. All vaping products provided in this ecig store are only suitable for those over 18 years old.

Types of Smoking Alternatives:

There are a few smoking alternatives, and they are explained in detail below:

  • The first kind is the e-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes. E-cigarettes, which are also known as vaping, are used a lot among the youth. Just like hookah, they are also available in a lot of flavours and work by getting the particular device charged. It may seem a lot harmless, but the truth isn't so good. They are basically a combination to convert liquid into a vapour form. This happens when it is inhaled. The use of tobacco is very less or not at all in an e-cigarette. Instead, they use the liquid form of nicotine. A lot of marketers of the e-cigarettes make this claim that the e-cigarettes are safer than regular cigarettes. However, the FDA has not approved such a thing. Even though it is not safe at all to inhale vaporized nicotine, it is still better to start vaping than smoke cigarettes with tobacco.
  • The next smoking alternative is herbal cigarettes. Just the name of 'herbal cigarettes' have put a lot of people into thinking that what they smoke might be healthy. Unfortunately, they could not be more wrong. They are made with 60 to 70% of tobacco, which are mixed with cloves and other flavourings. The funny thing about herbal cigarettes is that they are marketed as the lesser risky cigarettes. When the truth is, herbal cigarettes produce tar, which is one of the main cancer-causing ingredients of regular cigarettes. Another thing about herbal cigarettes is that they smell and taste really good, so they tend to attract the younger generation more than the adults.
  • The last smoking alternative that we are going to mention here is the hookahs. Hookahs are basically the water-cooled pipes with one or more pipes which are used for people who quit smoking. Hookahs contain a wide variety of flavours that are combined with tobacco. It is a mystery to why people think hookahs are in any way less dangerous than cigarettes, when in fact, it contains a 100 times more amount of risk than regular cigarettes. A lot of people consider hookahs to be safer than cigarettes, when in fact it is even more dangerous. Most of the younger generation are more attracted to smoking pipes than adults. The younger generation are attracted to this because of the fact that it has a more sophisticated outlook, as well as delicious flavours that gives them the idea of smoking something less harmful.
Are The Alternatives In Any Way Healthy?

According to the World Health Organization, there are a lot of smoking alternatives that are being sold as lesser dangerous or in any way healthier than the regular cigarettes. When the truth is much opposite, when it comes to e-cigarettes, the FDA has not endorsed them and has included them in a tobacco-based product even though e-cigarettes have no use of tobacco.

Herbal cigarettes gives people the illusion of them, containing mostly herbal products and being 100% safe. The truth is, it contains at least 60 to 70% of tobacco along with other 'herbal' ingredients. Another dangerous thing about herbal cigarettes is that they contain tar, which is one of the harmful, cancer-causing ingredients. This is exactly what makes regular cigarettes dangerous, and if herbal cigarettes also contain ingredients like these, there is literally no difference left between these two. It would make herbal cigarettes as dangerous as regular cigarettes.

Coming towards hookahs, the World Health Organization has stated that one hookah session is equal to smoking 100 cigarettes. Most people think that the water in hookah filters out the toxins, but this is not true at all. Hookah single-handedly contains tar, carbon monoxide, and nicotine, so it just makes it even worse than regular cigarettes for people who might want to live a healthy life. Due to their sweet smell and flavour, hookahs are considered less risky than cigarettes

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