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Skills Needed To Be A Top-Level Engineer

Author: Navya Navvi
by Navya Navvi
Posted: Apr 12, 2020
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A skilful Engineer is made up of scientific and technical knowledge to touch the lives of people by contributing to the fields of IT, automation, medical, electronics, civil etc. They need to be master problem-solvers for creating a comfortable day-to-day life and in the face of crisis. So today our best B.Tech & M.Tech college in Telangana brings you the topmost skills students need to become successful engineers

Technical skills

  • 61% of organizations say that Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence were among their top data initiatives in 2018 and 2019. The possibilities are endless if students tap into these fields which can be applied to every industry, including healthcare, education, finance, etc. With every home utilizing Alexa & Siri and every major corporation like NetFlix using the same technology to collect data on user preferences, Machine learning & AI are here to stay for long

  • SEO/SEM marketing can harbour good opportunities for engineering students who are big on Data. The world is heading towards a digital boom that no one has never seen before and digital marketing is going to reap benefits from it. If you are an engineering student who likes testing, measuring, and experimenting to see what works and make changes based on observations/metrics/KPIs, then, this field is for you.

  • Cybersecurity is of paramount importance to every major company. Cybersecurity was one of the most-desired jobs and one of the top tech skills in demand last year and continues to be this year.

  • Petroleum engineering is set to enjoy a 15% rise in potential jobs by 2026. design of drilling methods and equipment and the implementation and monitoring of drilling programmes should be at the top of the list of skills for students who are interested in this field

  • There is a growing demand for renewable/alternative energy around the world. Candidates will need to have a bachelor's degree in mechanical or electrical engineering and a postgraduate masters degree in energy engineering.

  • The Internet of Things (IoT) is advancing at a much faster speed than we thought. 20.4 billion connected things are going to be in use worldwide by 2020. This means that no matter the field, every engineer needs to watch for security alerts. This makes IoT one of the important skills all engineers must have in 2020.

Soft Skills

  • Taking responsibilities and leading teams are valued skills for engineers to have. Leadership and management skills should be the goals for engineering graduates if they want to succeed in team management

  • Communication skill is at the heart of any job requirement around the world. Whether it be excelling at interactions with clients, colleagues, teammates, and management or explaining concepts to clients and managers or translating technical information to the mundane, Communications skills are a necessity.

  • Engineers are always faced with situations that require diligent problem-solving & critical thinking. They are needed to approach every with an analytical mind while solving the problem with minimum risks.

  • Creativity is high on the list of soft skills for engineers. Innovative solutions to challenges come only when one thinks out of the box. An engineer’s job is to try to improve the utility of things, to design processes that will solve problems better, faster and cheaper. This can only be achieved if students are taught to be creative.

There is a growing need for top engineering colleges in TS & India

to combine evolving core technical skill requirements and enhanced professional skills tightly defined into course curriculum. Colleges with fewer resources and little time for incorporating new material can collaborate with several institutions and make it possible with shared resources that prompt change in engineering education. Our Warangal engineering college already focuses on fundamental engineering concepts and personal/interpersonal skills, by engaging with industry, collaborating, and using evidence-based teaching practices. Similarly, colleges can make use of many available programs for undergraduate students with opportunities to gain international experience, language proficiency, and intercultural aptitude as part of their degree requirements. After all preparing students for professional engineering work by improving their teamwork skills, leadership, oral and written communication, and interdisciplinary thinking is the responsibility of educators

Final Thoughts

In our experience as an MTech college in Warangal, changes in undergraduate and postgraduate engineering education require institutions to support faculty members. Faculty need to learn about current industry practices, applications, and problems. One method of doing it is by introducing university-industry collaborations, which afford faculty members valuable experience working in the industry. Encouraging faculty to use their experience to develop class projects, case studies, course content, innovative programs can help students with experiential learning improve their skills desired by industry. Efforts by educational institutions and students go hand in hand regards to skill development. So, we hope this article helped you uncover a few important skills students need to work on to face global challenges.



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