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How a dry ice blasting machine works in industrial cleaning

Author: Don Michael
by Don Michael
Posted: Apr 12, 2020

Dry ice blasting machines made cleaning an easy task for the industries. We know how dry ice or solid carbon dioxide is an effective method to prep the surface without using harsh chemicals. It is best for the metals and also for the environment. But, if not for the efficient ice blasting machines, industrial cleaning would never have been so easy.

So, how does a dry ice blasting machine work in industrial cleaning? The machine works same as any other blast cleaning equipments. The dry ice pellets are forcibly shot at the surface, and as they start hitting the cleansing procedure starts.

The Procedure

First, the top layer of coating shrinks, thereby creating cracks in the surface. As the dry ice propels further the heat in the inner layer causes it to again turn into gas. Once the gas expands the outer coating of paint loosens and breaks free the surface.

The science of dry ice blasting machines

The blast cleaning equipments use three major forces to achieve the result.

Kinetic energy

It takes place when dry ice pellets are pushed by compressed air onto the top layer of paint, dirt or residue. Here the kinetic effect of solid carbon dioxide is minimal on the surface as compared to sand, grit or other abrasives. Dry ice is softer (1.5 to 2.0 on Moh’s scale) and the sublimation process starts once the pellets are out of the machine.

Micro-Thermal energy

Dry ice at -109°F or -78.9°C creates a shock on the surface that causes it to crack. Through these cracks, heat from the inner surface touches dry ice that is already subliming. Thereby the pellets absorb maximum heat. This thermal difference helps in loosening dirt from the surface and causes rapid micro-cracking all through the layer.

Sublimation energy

With the effect of heat, solid carbon dioxide starts to expand and turn into gas. Dry ice can expand to 800 times within a few milliseconds. When the volume of gas expands, it creates more visible cracks in the dirt, making it fall off. A micro explosion due to expansion is the reason for dirt detachment.

Why are dry ice blasting machines better for industrial uses?

Cleaning equipment suppliers in UAE claim that dry ice blasting machines are better than using any other blast cleaning equipment. Here are a few reasons they provide for the same.

Ice blasting machines replace sandblasters because unlike sandblasters, dry ice cleaning machines are capable of removing grime without creating scratches onto the surface. Hence, if both sand and ice blasting machines can do a task, the industrialists prefer the latter.

Ice blasting machines replace water and sandblasting because:

  • You don’t clean a mess after the process.
  • No wait time needed for the machine to cool and restart.
  • No moisture left behind; hence the cleaning is more efficient.
  • Ice blasting is also a disinfectant. Hence there is no chance of algae, sea slime or other impurities to attract.
  • When using water to remover radioactive materials, the waste water has to be handled properly. Otherwise, it can cause major casualties.

But, ice blasting machines will leave no mess and save the health of workers.

Dry ice blasting machines are suitable for industrial works not only because they are more productive and have no downtime but also because these are environment-friendly. The cleaning equipment suppliers caution the workers to wear protective gear before venturing into dry ice blasting as the chill can cause frostbite or major burns. Choosing an open space is another criteria while working with dry ice blast cleaning equipments.

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